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The Comics Thread!
I'm still only reading Gold Digger by Fred Perry each month. ^^
(07-09-2016, 08:57 PM)Shin Justice Wrote: It's worth the read. Especially now that we're moving onto Daddy Superman Big Grin

Welp, maybe that would answer some questions I have...
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This is gotta be the best way to explain Civil War 2 to a newbie

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Also, in issue 3
Spoiler Show
Hawkeye (Clint Barton) kills Bruce Banner to prevent him from Hulking out and killing everyone
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I've always preferred Marvel over DC, but I really don't like how things are evolving right now, especially with Marvel NOW 2.0 whose announced title are hardly appealing to me. DC Rebirth is really interesting right now. Let's see how things will evolve
This is a discussion thread for anything in the world of Comics from Marvel and DC and anyone in-between. Also because of the fact that while DC is doing poorly in the movie wars with Marvel, on the comics side, they're catching up with their Rebirth Event being a huge success for 2 months straight.

Quick Recap of DC's Rebirth so far:

- Pre-52 Wally West is trapped in the Speed Force and desperately wanders around the New 52 Universe to find anyone who remembers him or he ceases to exist. He gets Barry Allen to remember him and he is freed.

- Wally revealed that when the New 52 was created, the first 10 years have gone missing so nobody ever remembered there was a Pre-52 Universe.

- Batman, in one of his investigations as to why there are 3 Jokers running about in Gotham, discovers a smiley face with a blood mark, highly suggesting the Watchmen are involved with the New 52's creation.

- The hooded woman (forgot her name) in the early New 52 issues who was supposed to restore things back the way they were, ends up killed by Dr. Manhattan.

- In Action Comics, Superman, and Justice League, Pre-52 Clark, Lois, and their son Jonathan entered the New 52 Universe and witnessed the 'death' of its Superman. The trio lived out their lives in the New 52 under new identities as the Smiths.

- The Justice League learns of the Pre-52 Clark being in their universe, but is very cautious of him and vice versa.

- Either due to his age or his mixed race, Jonathan did not develop the same immunities Clark has. This causes Clark to be overly protective of Jonathan while figuring out the cause of his mortality in the Fortress of Solitude. Jonathan is the target of the Eradicator who attempts to erase his human genome as part of his grand plan to rebuild Krypton by absorbing any and all surviving Kryptonians.

- At the end of the Darkseid Wars, Lex Luthor becomes a Superman and is defending Metropolis when Pre-52 Doomsday arrived. After learning New 52 Clark turns out to be alive, but REFUSES to engage against Doomsday for some reason, Lex and Pre-52 Clark are forced into an alliance to take on Doomsday themselves.

- Darkseid is dead, but is reborn as a baby (the location suggests in Amazonia) by Grall in hopes of teaching him to be a good guy. Apokalips is currently under Lex Luthor's control.
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Just read Titans #1 earlier today. I was kind of expecting more info on the Dr. Manhattan thing. From what I'm seeing, DC will be drop feeding anything Watchmen related for a while. At the moment, stories are playing out independently from one another, though that might just lead up to a crossover story down the line, kind of like Infinite Crisis a decade back.

I should also mention, Batman notices the Comedian's button in the cave wall after his contact with Wally, not exactly during his investigation about the three Jokers.

My thoughts on some ongoing books right now:

Superman - Story is EXCEPTIONAL. As mentioned above, it's the Superman from before Flashpoint, so he's easy to warm up to. The story revolves around his kid getting used to his powers. I've read three issues so far. Good reading, even if you're not following DC right now!

Action Comics - Pretty good. Actually feels like a continuation from Final Days of Superman. I've only read the first issue (which would be Issue #957), but plan on continuing when the arc is fully published.

The Flash - Still sitting on more info regarding the Flashpoint, so I can't give my full opinion on it yet.

Justice League - Kind of so-so, in my opinion. After Darkseid War, it feels kind of bland. I miss Geoff Johns writing so much.

Titans - The Rebirth one shot special was GREAT. The ongoing series... still has time to develop. I like seeing the interaction between classic Titan members, but I'd really like to know if Wally West's story will go anywhere.

Plan on reading Batman, All-Star Batman, Nightwing and Blue Beetle (which features Ted Kord).

I'd also like to vent my frustration on the new design for Batgirl which debuted a while back... I don't like it. It's hard to believe Batgirl went from a hi-tech member of the Batman family to an amateur in one night. I realize they're trying to appeal to teenagers, but still... I feel like Barbara's character did a 180. Also looking at how Batgirl is portrayed in the Injustice comics, this new Batgirl just disappoints me.

Non-hero comics I infrequently read: TMNT IDW, Transformers IDW, Star Wars Marvel
THough I get what you were frustrated on regarding Batgirl, it kind of made sense in a weird way, with Babs starting over in a new town.

Reminds me of when Parker was almost always broke back in the days before he hit it big with Parker Industries.
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Why is there a second comic discussion thread? Can they be merged?
That's what I get for getting attached to Gail Simone's writing before the transition to the Burnside Batgirl. I'd like to see how she interacts with other Bat family members in crossovers.

Recalling the Batman/Superman Annual, when she partnered up with Steel to disable that cannon on the Warworld. That was tight.

I actually really liked the Parker Industries development. It was a nice new step in Spiderman history.
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