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PSN Sale Thread
Pretty rare to see Yakuza 5 go up on sale, but I encourage anyone to pick the game up if you are fans of the Yakuza series. Drakengard 3 is also on sale but I already have both of these games....

I might be tempted to pick up Suikoden IV despite some of the flaws of that game its still fun but compared to the other numbered Suikoden games its the last on my list. Wish Suikoden V was also on PSN but it might be too late for that for 2 reasons, 1. Konami sucks and are awful with putting classic non-MGS games on digital these days. 2. Unless Konami for some reason decides to put Suikoden V on PS4's PSN with trophy support I doubt that'll happen either... although it'll help with loading time too since that game had long loading...
80% Off Sale in Asian PSN until Jan 24th.

Pretty weak selection, but hey, it's 80% off!
- Mortal Kombat X
- Mortal Kombat XL
- Alienation
- Little Big Planet 3
- Limbo
- Mad Max
- DiRT Rally
- Deadlight Director's Cut
- Uppers

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