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PSN Sale Thread
Frash sale till monday.!/en-us/f...SALE17LP/1
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Pretty interesting sale, sadly I have just about 90% of the games in the list I'm interested in already, lol.
Thanks Nep!

@yazi: You're right, the one I'm interested in, either I already owned them or the price is still a bit high..
and the rest seems to be junk.
Some weird sale is going on now.
Call of Duty Sale!/en-us/c...ATHANSALEG

The Last of Us Remastered Outbreak Sale!/en-us/t...ROUTBREAKG

PlayStation Plus Sale until October 3rd.!/en-us/p...USSPECIALS
Autumun Special in Asian PS Store until October 17th.!/en-hk/a...005_1017HT

Lots of DoA5LR's DLCs on sale.

Also, Dead Rising is 90% off for PS Plus members.!/en-hk/g...SING001PS4
He's covered wars, y'know.
Injustice 2 at 40% off sounds really tempting to me now
[Image: Khrysler_Jerikho.png]
There is a PSN Flash sale going on,!/en-us/f...SHSALE17LP

Pretty decent line-up, sadly once again 90% of which I already have the ones I'm interested in, although Mana Khemia for the PSP is only a $1, lol. But its a awful port with bad load times and english dub only and it's bad... NIS localized games I never ever play with english voice option, because they tend to be pretty bad...

Dungeons and Dragons Chronicles of Mystara is also on sale via PS3 and is a great beat em up game that heavily inspired Dragon's Crown because the CEO of Vanillaware George Kamitami worked on it back in the day.
Oh damn. I've been too busy this weekend to check PS Store. Sad

Yeah, D&D Arcade games were a lot of fun. I used to play them a lot using the elf. Smile
I think the sale went up on Sunday, cause it wasn't there on Friday....

Hell yeah, I also rocked the Elf as she was the most balanced with melee and magic attacks! lol
Developer Digital Sale (basically indies)!/en-us/d...LVDIGPUBSL

and PSVR Celebration Sale!/en-us/p...-PSVRSALEG

both until Oct 17th. Which is almost over. I'm late again. ^^;

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