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PSN Sale Thread
Unfortunately most of it is just indie garbage. Which will be the grabage on NA PS+ later on anyways.

Only game there worth getting is Uno, which isn't Indi.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
There are a decent number of VITA/PS3/PS Classics up on PSN Flash sale. Mostly J-RPGs.
Ubisoft Sale until September 5th.!/en-us/u...OFTPUBSALE

Oh gee, Ubisoft, you might just call it Far Cry Sale.
PAX Sale until September 5th.!/en-us/p...SHSALE17LP

Hmm... Bloodborne only $7.99. Not much else, tho.
There are some PS3 game bundles on sale too, Tales of Graces F and Xillia bundled together for 12.99, that's a damn good bargain for that price.

PS1/PSP FF games, Parasite Eve, Stein's Gate and 0, Trails in Sky part 1, Zestria, Valkyria Remaster. A lot better than last week's mediocre flash sale.
Looks like we got some new sale going on.
Bandai Namco Sale until September 12th.!/en-us/b...DAINAMCOGG

Farming Simulator Sale for those who care.!/en-us/f...OHOPUBSALE

and a Day-1 Digital Sale until November 7th, which gives you 20% off every 2 purchases.!/en-us/d...1DIGITALLP

The Bandai Namco Sale is also on Asian Store.!/en-hk/b...0906_0916H
(09-06-2017, 04:44 PM)Andy Chan Wrote: Farming Simulator Sale for those who care.!/en-us/f...OHOPUBSALE

It's the game of choice of the leader of the free world!

[Image: w8JQM6O.jpg]
Hong Kong PSN (and Asian too) is having a Blockbuster Sale until September 19th.!/en-hk/b...170908_919

NieR: Automata is 35% discounted if you guys don't have one yet.
PlayStation Pick Sale until September 19th.!/en-us/p...ICKSSALELP
TGS Sale! Until Oct 4th.!/en-id/t...920_1004HK

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