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PSN Sale Thread
Flash Sale, people! Until July 24th.!/en-us/f...SHSALE17LP

Batman Akrham Knight $9.99
Day of the Tentacle Remastered $2.99
Project Diva X $24.99
and more.
... and by the Goddess, stop it with Zen Pinball already!
Summer Sale in Asian PSN until Aug 23rd.!/en-hk/s...0803_0823H

Lots of Dead or Alive DLCs.
Rockstar Sale until August 15th.!/en-us/r...CKSTARSALE

Squeenix Sale until August 15th.!/en-us/s...REENIXSALE
Attack of the Blockbuster Sale until August 22nd.!/en-us/a...OFBBSALELP
HK/Asian PSN Vita Sale until August 27th.!/en-hk/p...0818_0827H

Vitaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Haven't touched my poor Vita for a while. :/
Same. Ironic as I have SRWV, Steins Gateand a bunch of other good things waiting for me....I need to set new background images a's well for it.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
My PSTV is unhooked though I still need to play Sen no Kiseki II's EN release. That X/X-2 sale for the PS4 version is tempting but I never finished the PS3 remaster so probably going to pass.
[Image: DragenGD.png]
Sen no Kiseki II is awesome Stripe!
Quake Con Sale until August 29th.!/en-us/q...QUAKEPUBSL

there's also PSBLOG 10th Anniversary Sale!/en-us/p...10THANNIVG

but let's not care about that one.
Ah damn, I almost missed this one.
Flash Sale until August 28th.!/en-us/f...SHSALE17LP

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