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PSN Sale Thread
FLASH SALE until March 27th.!/en-us/f...SHSALE17LP
Let's see.... Resident Evil Sale until April 4th.!/en-us/r...HSALEGAMEG

and PS Plus Special until April 4th too for those with US PS Plus wanting a very special price.!/en-us/p...USSPECIALS
Special as in... 25 to 75% off. Hey, Exist Archive is only $14.99
There's a EA Game Sale in Asian PSN until April 26th.!/en-hk/e...70405_0426
Some games are quite cheap.

and Buy Two Get 50% Off until April 9th.!/en-hk/b...70403_0409

Meanwhile in the USA PS Store, we have another GTA Sale until April 11th.!/en-us/g...HSALEGAMEG

Seems GTAV will never drop below $29.99 eh? I can't justify that price considering I already have the PS3 version.
Legend of the Heroes Trails in the Sky Chapter 2 is also on sale via PSN. This game is rarely on sale and I heard its a really good game.
Oh yay, SNK Spring Sale until April 24th on Asian PSN:!/en-hk/c...70413_0424

Garou is on sale! Metal Slug too!

Meanwhile, US PSN is doing The Elder Scrolls Sale until April 18th.!/en-us/t...HSALEGAMEG
I wouldn't bother.
Flash Sale! until April 17th.!/en-us/f...SHSALE17LP

Oh wow, Day of the Tentacle $3.74. Great price!
Hong Kong PSN is doing Spring Sale until May 9th.!/en-hk/s...0426_0509H
Some cheap games in there.

If you're a PS Plus member in US PSN, you get PSPlus Special Sale until May 2nd.!/en-us/p...USSPECIALS
Like Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator for $14.99. That's a steal!

There's also Tom Clancy's Sale until May 2nd in the US PSN!/en-us/t...HSALEGAMEG
Golden Week Sale until May 9th.!/en-us/g...ENWEEKALLG
Oh hell yeah, now this Golden Week sale is the sale I've been waiting for! Even though a majority of the games on sale I already have, still a good dozen of new ones on sale I haven't gotten yet. Gonna wait till payday on Friday before I scoop any of them up.
This week was shit. Aside from other purchases, my damn PS+ expired the American day the sale started.
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