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Mecha games shouldn't have their own forum. It should be how I had it set up near the end, SRW and General Video Games IMO.
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Yeah I'll need your help on this one. I just set up what's on top of my head since I did this on 11pm lol

Let's get the ball rolling and pick up where we left off as I tweak this as the day progresses.
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Glad this site is back up and running. Is the home page going to be the or
SRW X-Omega Friend ID: 169670030

Oh hey! We're back online! Nice!

It's like we're building a new home here. Feels good. Big Grin
I'll go get besi_tua.
The index.html page will be up as soon as I have time to make it. I'm currently updating the board, albeit SLOWLY. I'm still learning the basics of MyBB. I'm getting too old for this lol

But nevertheless, post anything you guys want here on what we should be putting, like forum names, etc.
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We're back!

I christen this new board DAISRWG!

Awesome work Daba. I'll be helping anyway I can.
Got me a fancy pants February registration date due to stumbling into this in its larval form while being bored and nosy the other day. :B

I think the amount of forums at the moment is where it probably should be - good to keep it low like how it was cut down to before. At most maybe we should have an anime forum so I can complain about those parentless children suffering from heavy metal poisoning.
OOOOH right. Media thread. Thanks "Kicksville" Tongue
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Aaaaah, good to be back.
*Sets down instruments of torture and a picture of grandma on the table*
Welp, I'm all moved in.
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you've been staked.
Normally, I'm not one to make a complaint without a suggestion on fixing it, though that may change by the time I'm done typing this. However, for the anime board to be called Desu~ bothers me. I have a love-hate relationship with moe, and Desu~ instantly bring that to mind. I'd prefer something more like Akihabara where you find a lot of things anime, but that also makes me think shopping.

Feel free to ignore me for right now while I try to help with ideas for it.

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