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OE script
I do not speak japanese so I have to rely on LPs, FAQs, translations etc. playing SRWs,
Unfortunately there is none for OE.
So I started to extract game text using Hook Any Text utility.
Than I machine translate it using Google Translate, Babelfish, LEC Online (through Translation Agregator utility).
It works great but is quite annoying as the game changes text addresses quite offen.
So I share my work here - you only have to translate it using your favourite translator.

I will add new chapters as I advance in my playthrough.
Thanks for the resource, however, have you captured all of the Pre Battle Dialogue?
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(11-23-2016, 03:23 PM)Mattman324 Wrote: Thanks for the resource, however, have you captured all of the Pre Battle Dialogue?

Yes. I capture narrative summaries and pre- in- and post- battle dialogues.
Names and stage titles are not captured but put by hand in english.
Only scene/places names and battle quotes are not captured (places are easily recognizeable and battle quotes are mostly obsolute storywise).
Alright, but in case you need help finding out who precisely gets pre battle dialogue, I will give you a hand.

This site has every bit of it listed by stage.
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Thanks Smile Right now I have no problem with character names recognition - in case of difficulty I use OCR in game encyclopedia.
By the way - I play using latest PPSSPP and the game looks awesome - 3D graphic upscaled to 1080p with shaders, anti aliasing, anisotropic filtering plus 2D graphic upscaled using xBRZ filtering. I can hardly believe it is PSP game with 480 × 272 native resolution Smile
many thanks Smile

OE its a very hard game, however i enjoyed
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

I've just finished Chapter 1.
The script is quite large right now (426KB) so I decided to split it into chapters.

Full Chapter 1 is here:

Ongoing Chapter 2 can be found here:

The game keeps me hooked :-)
I love Keroro with Natsumi showing up at the end of Chapter 1. 
Patlabor is awful weak and adorable Smile
My other favourites are 0079 and 08th MS Team.

Unfortunately most other series are is what TVTropes calls Post-Script Season status:
Back to OE after half-a-year break.
I've just finished Chapter 2.

Full Chapter 1:

Full Chapter 2:

Ongoing Chapter 3:

Memorable series of Chapter 2 - Zoids Chaotic Century and Votoms Red Shoulder Document Roots of Ambition.

Have fun like me!
(11-25-2016, 09:41 AM)Mai Wrote: many thanks Smile

OE its a very hard game, however i enjoyed

OE's not really that hard. If you played Neo, you'd find that in general it's a massive upgrade over everything, and most of Neo's difficulty was in how clunky it was. Its only bits of difficulty is not knowing when force deploys are coming up (shit like the VOTOMS deployments in Chapter 7 are really bad) and two of the main battleships being totally fucking useless, while the fourth is around for all of like four stages. Once you get past those, you find that it hasn't really progressed in actual difficulty from Neo - just keep your guys on level, don't let yourself get surrounded, and always deploy one or two of the multitude of really broken units and you'll win every time. (Also only rush in super fast if you know infinite reinforcements are going to be an issue if you turtle, but that shouldn't be a problem given SP regen.)

What it is, however, is LONG. So thanks for still working on this.
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