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SRW Gaiden: The Lord of Elemental Commentary
I didn't find the underwater stage to be annoying or hard.

I haven't played an SRW with an underwater stage, it was cool.
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(02-21-2019, 01:59 PM)Constraint Wrote: I suppose the Shutedonia route isn't the Wendy route?

Scenario 25: Barrier of Harmony

I just realized the game barely lets you control Yang Long and the Granveil during the 1st half ; I wonder if there's a reason for such? This one is an underwater level. Underwater levels are always a bitch in any videogame. This one isn't an exception. You have to hold out against Luozorl for 7 turns.. but there's exactly a reason why and it turns out he's stalling us lol. We've been duped! So apparently there's "three" routes but it looks like the ones I'm going for are the Wendy and Shu routes. Not sure what the other route entails. Don't really care to be honest. Two should be fine!

I wouldn't call the rightmost one Wendy's route, as she ends up saved in both that route's good ending and Shu's; The Shutedonia route diverges from the rightmost one late and at the end you fight the same villain, that's why i said you could consider all those as variations of one . I haven't actually played it because i went MK1(Snes) Langran/Shu route ->burned out, MK1(PSP) Langran/Shu route->burned out, and beside you have to let die two fairly likeable characters that do appear in later MKs and looking at the stage names there is "Wendy's tragedy", so... (that's why i said this route was the least canonical one)

I suppose you have a definite death scene for Lubicca only there, though,as he is battled in one of the other route but doesn't have any dialog if shot down (so i was half expecting him to reappear during MKII) .
(02-21-2019, 10:46 AM)ChrisX Wrote: That assassin's name is Lubikka Hakinnen, just saying. Though I think he just made an impression in the 1st part, and then be forgettable in the 2nd. Maybe I should try a route that details the drama in Shutedonia instead of the default 'Shu Route' next time.

Whats the name of that mercenary guy that made it to OG1?
He got killed at some point (like most of the rest of the enemies) but it was a nice early tie in back then.

Man, OG1 introduced a whole lot of normal human soldiers and the Gespent MKII tweaks gave it all a feel of grunts war (something thats been lost ever since, now everyone and their mothers are chopping planets like apples)
Still gotta hand it to Gespent, its Kick is still so cool even among all the crazy Universe shuttering units LOL.
Scenario 27: Catastrophe

Masaki and Yang Long takes out their anger on enemy grunts for laying waste to the capital. Long time no fucking see Yang Long. Where have you been man? Does he do this in MK II? I wonder if Part 2 is where you will actually deploy more than 5 units at a time. Rasetz lost any cool points he ever had. He's lame too lol. Very very typical cliche villain.

Scenario 28: Memorial Day

Probably the longest scenario so far if you decide to read through all the recap of what happened between Part 1 and 2. Really strange seeing references to SRW classic timeline in an OG SRW game. I'll be taking on the Wendy route first and come back for the Shu route. Ryune finally joins our party!

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Well, quite a bit to answer.

First, there's only one route that involves Wendy dying. But regardless, both Rasetz and Lubikka take more center stage within the Shutedonia route, and between the two remaining routes that let Wendy live, the only difference seems to be that in one route where either of the likable Shutedonian (Rodney or Eris) die was that there is an exclusive mech not seen anywhere else... but I think it'll turn out the same anyway. May be wrong though. But regardless... well, from my experience, Tyutti got over her grief rather quick (or she did have time to cope between Part 1 to EX to Part 2). She never really flew off the handle again whenever Lubikka was involved.

All we know about the continuation of Tyutti's tragedy was that in Pride of Justice, someone courted her AGAIN and she's trying to make sure he doesn't end up the same way as Ricardo (which ties in with her Possession event). For as much as Pride of Justice killed the franchise, that is one thing I like about the game: Moar Tyutti.

The Merc Guy that appeared in OG1? You mean Thomas? I don't think he died, he's still around for EX. We did get a Lubikka successor in OG2, Archibald, and he died in the same game. (I'll still admit that Archibald has a more satisfying death)

Okay, well, about Yang Long not appearing much... well, he's kind of a 'loner, solo mission' type of guy so it makes sense he doesn't appear much. He DOES, however, pop up in other branches, but it requires you to skip out that event where you give Wendy the present that would save her life, but since people want to avoid Wendy dying, I think it's rare that people picked the routes that allow you to use Yang Long more.

I thought that all of it could be avoided if: You pick all those routes for Yang Long, and then focus on Shu route in Part 2. That's it, no dead Wendy after you used Yang Long more.
Scenario 29: Reunion with Becky

It's just one Masaki and a bunch of ladies for now. Oops! I forgot about the Jaohm pilot. The previous pilot of Diablo must have been killed off screen or something. Lots of characters seem to come and go in the La Gias world. Becky joins our group with a new attack - the Totem Pole breast beam. I really didn't expect Mio to be this comical. I can't remember if she was like this in AG.

Scenario 30: Pendant

Not much happens. Ryune is upping her game to win Masaki's heart from Wendy - the charm of an older lady.

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Yes, Maddock died off screen during the Shutedonian assault. And Mio was always the prominent Masoukishin comic relief character; didn't AG have her typical " Fist of the North Star " reference and her silly pseudo samurai mannerism voiced?
A little trivia here: Mio had a cameo in SRW@1 that is not many are aware of.
(02-23-2019, 08:23 AM)Vincent Wrote: A little trivia here: Mio had a cameo in SRW@1 that is not many are aware of.

That was the one stage that was technically a route split but shared on multiple parts of the split, right? When the one route did Byston Well, one did like UC Gundams or some shit, and one had like four Super CGs.
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Been ages since I last played AG. 


Scenario 31: Tense Atmosphere

Stedonia is acting up. We need to teach them a lesson. 2 new characters introduced: Rodney and Ellis. Rasetz is now shown without his weird bandage cover-up. Was that a disguise? I thought there was a medical reason for it. Anyways, simple clean up stage. Rasetz leaves and lets Rodney and Elis try to fight with Masaki & co.

Scenario 32: Deserter

Stedonia is acting up part II. Ellis is being chased down and we gotta save her ass. It apparently has an impact if you don't. I think you fight an exclusive boss later or something if you don't save her. 

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