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What Movie you just watched?
I'm planning to check out Justice League next week unless my friends seeing it this week all say it's a horrible movie.
[Image: DragenGD.png]
So I watched Justice League.
I'm disappointed that they didn't use the guy from the TV series as The Flash. This Flash is way too... kid. Kinda like that new Spider-Man kid.
I like that they used the second best Batman Theme for the movie: the 1989 Batman. Been a while since I heard that.
Overall an entertaining flick, don't expect anything deep, and the film desperately tried to be funny, at the cost of The Flash as butt-monkey. Poor Flash.
(11-20-2017, 11:46 AM)Andy Chan Wrote: I'm disappointed that they didn't use the guy from the TV series as The Flash. This Flash is way too... kid.

Because different continuities (DCEU ≠ Arrowverse). What they should have done is make him Wally West instead of Barry Allen.
Watched Murder on the Orient Express.
It's a modern take on a classic, and I enjoyed watching it.
Can't talk much about it since it would be spoiler, but hey, it's an old novel. People should already know who the murderer is, right? ;d
I've been catching up on a few of the DC animated movies that have been coming up in the last few years. Every time I think "oh I just need to watch this and this and I'll be caught up!!" it seems like seven more come out.

Let's see, I just watched...Justice League: War, which was the one based on the New 52 (and now officially dated, go figure). Not too bad, everyone is a brash asshole but the banter is fun and actually works. Aside from that though it's basically 120 minutes of back to back violence. Pretty well animated and good in its own right, if a little jarring.
Spoiler Show
I did start going "errrrr" over how Darkseid ended up pretty much being a big punching bag whose eyes they violently poke out while he's just going "YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGHHH" the whole time. I mean, it is what it is, again, works well enough, but like. Yeesh!

Superman vs The Elite has the character design style people criticized, although it works just fine in motion. This one's animated by Telecom and has some particularly good sequences. The story, being Joe Kelly's second shot at "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice & the American Way?" is...fine, I guess, and ultimately has a decent message, but doesn't work nearly as well as it should've since it doesn't account for a few problems.

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse is actually a Supergirl origin story, prominently featuring Superman and Batman. ...and Wonder Woman. This one has some great character designs; I particularly like the tall version of Batman here. Tim Daly is back voicing Superman, which is cool (he was voiced by George Newburn for the Justice League TV shows). Some good fighting sequences. Pretty good overall, although its lack of focus throws its off, ultimately feeling like a decent three part episode. It's also errr kinda horny.

So far, of the ones I've seen, the best are Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, Batman: Under the Red Hood, and Justice League: Gods and Monsters. I'm not surprised the former started life as a Justice League/Justice League Unlimited movie. Gods and Monsters actually had some pretty compelling reversionings of the characters, and it's a real shame the planned follow up never happened.
Re-watched Groundhog Day.
This movie always gives me a heartwarming feels by the end.
Logan Lucky
Psych the Movie
American Assassin
Atomic Blonde
It: Chapter One
The Last Jedi
I watched a little bit late and got spoiled early. But I enjoyed the moment of the spoiler because "How did that spoiler happen?"
Kinda like how we got already spoiled about Episode 3 since Episode 4 existed.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
This is a fun romp. I absolutely love Jack Black's acting in here. XD
Just like the original Jumanji, the star of the movie doesn't show up until 30 minutes into the movie (Robin Williams/Dwayne Johnson).
Loved Ruby Roundhouse!
The Emoji Movie
This film is an insult to your intelligence.
Spoiler Show
Gene, you saved Hi-5 from the recycle bin but didn't bother to save Akiko Glitter? Shame on you.
Therefore, the best scene is the imagine spot where Gene dies.

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