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Random Talk (Whenever In Doubt)
My condolences really,

Anyway, it passed, you are fine now, hope you will always be and your family too, you are making one yourself, i don't pretend that i know what happened to you but i've seen this, over and over again.

I'll be brief, without going into details, just you make sure that you remember this: ""Our relation with our parents is a story we write and our children "Will" read it for us"", i guarantee you.

Respect or pretend to be respectful to them, nothing good will come from anything otherwise, thats a fact.
Sorry for being direct but it had to be said.
I wish you and your family all the best.
Amazon apparently canceled my Persona 5 Take Your heart edition pre-order.

Without notifying me.

[Image: Khrysler_Jerikho.png]
Vincent, that is profound. I can't say I can heed the advice but from within my heart, the gesture is very much appreciated. To see that I really got friends here. Quite something. This really is our little corner in the internet.
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Last week I thought to myself, "I think this chicken recipe will taste good with fish." Ended up discovering the recipe for sardines. Today I tried it again with tomatoes and they taste different from one without tomatoes so now I got two recipes for sardines Big Grin
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So I was playing something and used the noun "monster(s)" to refer to ugly enemy creatures who are minions of an evil lord... Then it got me thinking, society has become so sensitive maybe one of these days it will be considered offensive to call AI opponents "monsters" ha!

Anyway, Since it can record at maximum length 60 minute vids plus editing options, I'm really seeing some use for the PS4 share function. It's ok if games have restricted scenes I'm really just interested in molesting ai units and uploading evidence of my crimes in Youtube  Big Grin
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I need to do some recovering training today half of my muscles hurt @_@

wonder if there's massage houses on this city, also my cooking skills have been improving as of late, i'm been trying my hands on easy cooking recipes and its been working for most of time.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Am i the only guy who doesn't see twerking attractive, sexy or arousing in any way?
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One of my only two regrets in life was not plundering the so-called "family" business before disowning the family because I value morals over comfort in practice.

Now the past 2 years I have invested in a rich old lady's venture through my godfather. Didn't exactly hit the jackpot and paying the bills has been hard. I have been advancing the past few months. Eventually she got confused and gave me a cheque for a month I already cashed.

I found out at home when I opened the envelope. The temptation was instant but my mind was made up in a minute. The nagging in the head was ceaseless though and it was almost physically painful especially when I think about the children and how the amount is exactly what I need to even out the budget.

When I told the wife the temptation for her is also instant. But I told her I'm going to return it even though my benefactor is pretty rich and the money won't be missed othetwise I have no business going to church. And I will not be the hypocrites that my parents are and also I refuse to acknowledge any similarities with them. The mere though of me justifying evil the way they do is repugnant. more of it has got to do with how much I despise them rather than being morally upright. Nevertheless my moral integrity shall not bend. She agreed wholly.

I went back the next day as swift as possible so I can finally shut the nagging temptation in my head. She thought I was back the next day to further discuss the employment she's been offering me since January. We did discuss it. Afterwards I informed her about the cheque and gave it back. Didn't get a thank you other than extra change for next month's dividend which I advanced.

The next day really hit me as I was meditating in the wc (as usual) I NEVER learn! I never fucking learn. This is the second time I should have been an opportunist instead of an idealist. Why am I always an opportunist in theory but always bend to morals in real life. I'm very fucking stupid. 

Anyway, as I said in another of this board's topics I'm leaving school early so I can start getting some salary soon. She discussed about what papers I shall need when she introduce me to whoever it is that handles those things in her company. The fucking surprise tho is that she is going to send me to the garage not as a mechanic which I have been aspiring the past 2 years but as the guy in charge of purchasing parts. She said the guy I'm going to replace will be retiring soon due to old age and she needs someone she can trust. No wonder she has asked me a dozen times wether I know how to drive cos I'm gonna be on the road a lot. Well fuck I'm one of the best drivers out there and not a single accident in my record  Cool she said I can still be a mechanic when I'm not busy I can help out with the real mechanics. I'm not going to make this any longer. Light work, lots of free time, occasional chance to work with trucks and definitely better salary than the other guys. I'm good  Big Grin  fuck being dishonest. Fuck the devil. Fuck you satan and go to hell Big Grin
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^A man's gotta live to his principles and have standards. Otherwise, you'll have no standard and people won't trust you.
Personally, I would return the money as well. You'll never know when things will bite you back in the ass, so just do whatever you think is right.
This has been a good week. I have secured my employment, met my bossess and predecessor and will start on monday. I also got Tekken 7 but had to delete it because Eliza won't show in the character select. 6 hours of download And well see i it gets fixed
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