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You who still own a working PSP , I summon thee
(06-17-2018, 10:00 AM)Andy Chan Wrote: ^No, eboot is basically a PSX game converted, right? I never found any ISO of PSX games.

Did a bit of checking and it's doable:

1) Get IceTea
2) Select Eboot from the top menu (very top)
3) Extract PSX ISO from Eboot
4) Select file and destination, done. Takes a few seconds.

Sure enough, it produces an ISO playable in ePSXe.

As Orochi already reported though, it seems to mainly just be a menu translation - the English in the story cuts off as soon as the actual stage 1 starts. I also seem to recall being aware of this patch years ago, but I'm not surprised it may have simply ceased being circulated after a while. Still potentially useful for what it is, unless any of the important menu bits not viewable this early aren't covered (like the full seishin list).

[Image: vc7ZhgS.png]

[Image: ryu3UXf.png]

[Image: Dwi9u1J.png]

[Image: fQz5s32.png]

[Image: 3uo7YCD.png]

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