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Mazinger Z returns! New movie announced!
(11-04-2017, 04:14 AM)ryoga316 Wrote:
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So basically, "Infinity" is Toei's attempt of doing their own version of Shin Mazinger ZERO, which sort of explains why Dr. Hell is back when he was supposedly dead.
I also find Infinity's design unimpressive. It reminds me of that manga where there's this gigantic Dynamic Robo that requires to be piloted BY the Dynamic Robots themselves.

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It's mentioned that Photon Energy breaks dimensional barriers the movie itself doesn't really give straight explanation on how Hell and his army exists it also ignores the only surviving TV Series enemy the Mikene leader Yami Ni Taioh not to mention how it ditches Grendizer in the process so I guess the Infinity movie is just another Mazinger film continuity just like the old 70's specials.

The movie just opens room for future SRW's games with classic Z/Great Smile

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