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Hathaway's Flash.
Hathaway's Flash teaser
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Oh, I've heard about this! One of the people I know on Discord watched this and commented on there being an easter egg at the end for Hathaway's Flash. I thought it was pretty neat.
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Ah, I missed this topic on its first appearance. Neat to see that Hathaway's Flash is back in the spotlight, though.
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I how people are glad this is finally getting animated just for the sake of them wanting to see Hatheway's execution fully animated.
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So are they gonna depress Bright as canon now?
Hard to say, if they reference the novel probably not.
Dear got I hope it's not, the old man suffered enough already.
It's up in there. For all we know it won't be considered canon, but at the same time they could easily change the ending to something entirely different just how Unicorns ending was nothing like the novels and they can now time travel.

Were the original novels for HF even canon to begin with?
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There is NO TIME TRAVEL. People are taking that line from Gundam Narrative too seriously. The context for this "time travel" crap was that when the General Revil's Jegans were hit by the Unicorn's psycho wave at the end of OVA 7, the waves pushed apart the component pieces for the MS engines and disabled the mobile suits. Its similar to how Nu Gundam's axis push, but targeted the engines. The actual line was, the pieces are moved apart as if it went back in time, but not in the same preassembled way that was put together.... Deacon Blues of Zeonic scanalations, is the person who translated and made a summary of Narrative is getting annoyed that people are taking the time travel line too seriously.... Deacon is one of the main translators of various Gundam works, from guides/novels/manga. He knows his stuff and is reliable.

HF novel was never canon. It was the sequel to Beltorchika's Children which was a DIFFERENT novel retelling of CCA. In which Hathaway killed Quess by accident and was hailed as a hero which traumatized him. There was also no Chan in BC as Beltorchika was there instead as Amuro's girlfriend, but she did not pilot in the way Chan did so Hathaway did not kill a ally in this version. Novel versions of shows are their own thing aka a what if, like the MSG novels or the Zeta Novels.
Which is why I wrote that if they reference the novel (Beltorchika's Children) we can safely assume it'S non canon but if they somehow change events to fit sin the standard timeline we can assume it's canon ... or fight over it in epic nerd battles, whatever is more fun :p

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