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Devil May Cry 5
Post-game and DLC spoilers

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[Image: G2t3x3p.jpg]

[Image: kRXTJOB.jpg]

Also there will be no SE of the game. Theres no need to release it in the DLC era and Itsuno has already moved onto his next project.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Some censored stuffs in US PS4 version:

Of course they did :/ Wonder if it's the same for the PC Version (which I was gonna get anyway)
PC and Xbox are uncensored. Of course.
Funny thing is, the Asian version is uncensored, according to a friend. I think I'll borrow this game instead. Big Grin
So apparently with the recent update for the game, it un-does the previous update which added the flash of light that was censoring Trish and Lady in certain cutscenes... now everything on the PS4 version is the same as PC, Xbone and JP/EU PS4...
^That's great! Big Grin

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