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Monster Hunter World Thread
Yeah that Teo vs Nergy was awesome sight.
Teo was like, peasants! Bow down to your king!!!! Then make a cinematic pose with Nergy, drop a few materials on the ground then fly off.
[Image: rs4ynPN.png]
Btw since you already did 1120 dmg, I theorize you can easily get 1500 with critical hit, attack gems to maximum and hit the weakest spot w the right element. And attack up L effect
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And using final Nergigante GS. In that video i was using Chrome Razor, a step down from Nergigante sword tier 7 i'm using now. I'm planning to use the final tier 8 Nergigante GS (one of the best GS there is now) but i need to kill the final boss for that. Hahaha.

Also in that video i wasn't using any good damage buff build.
Late game i should have access to damage build like crit / attack up / whatever (hey probably your buff too) haha.

Ah, just remembered, when playing later, if we happen to sleep the monster and you put big bombs, please let me do the wake up and setting off the bombs Big Grin
I still need practice on the distance on true charge. Still whiffed by a hair sometimes lol.
[Image: rs4ynPN.png]
I normally shoot em w slinger so I dont get knocked away and able to react whatever happens to the monster. Sad thing about the horn is the buffs depend on the item and so far the level 7 and 8 horns I'm eye-ing aren't very versatile in terms of buff
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Yeah next time youre with me around don't slingshot it, as that 500-1000 damage wakeup damage (if successful) can be applied to bombs too Big Grin
Where slinger damage is like 2 damage haha.
[Image: rs4ynPN.png]
Makes sense, with a GS ally it's a guaranteed 500-1000 before the monster gets a chance to roar.

Did I already mention I like Monster Hunter explosions?

Big Grin
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... that one was weakened right? You didn't instakill him with Barrels?
Yeap he's almost dead. They always try to regenerate by sleeping at least that's how it seemed to me in older monhan games.
Normally I'd tranq them so I can capture them but elder dragons can't be captured so I blow them up instead hahaha Big Grin
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Ok Mister Torque Smile
I haven't played around with Traps yet, granted I play slow and just reached the Puki Puki or wathever that stupid Birds name is.
Still playing around with Different Weapons, I kinda like that Transforming Axe/AnimeSword thing but I still like the Gunlance for it's shield.
I'm also kinda trying to kill him repeatly for it's drops, want the Armor (<beep>ing Shell doesn't drop Sad )
I like both the switch axe and gunlance but I can't use 'em in gritty matches cos the axe is a bit slow to sheath making spammy monsters harder to evade. And the lance/gunlance are hard to aim when a monster keeps moving to your sides and rear.
But the switchaxe is very awesome with a party cos you'll have plenty chances to catch the monster distracted and its high dmg combo is powerful and visually satisfying.
Gunlance shell shots can attack monster parts that would normally deflect regular attacks.

Anyway, the cons I said about the two weapons has a very simple solution... Patience.
A discipline that my noggin is particularly slow in comprehending haha
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