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Random Talk (Whenever In Doubt)
I've run a fan site for Shinra Bansho, the chocolate wafer with character cards series (not a card game!!), for years now. It was announced today that it's finally ending this July, after 14 years.

A good long run for this kind of thing, but

you know

^Aw, it's always sad when good things must come to an end.
After a new years stress and panic attack where I destroyed my desk (As in cleaned it out) I ended up deciding to continue with the closet. So for the last 2 days and nights I've been clearing it out, seeing what's in there, etc. I've gone back in time almost 33 years finding stuff.

Man, I threw a lot of money in the trash as young lad....Ironically, these plus many more of them all went into the trash last night. Luckily it was grabage night so they were picked up asap.
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[Image: vJY5gXj.jpg]
[Image: ylCQj82.jpg]

Jesus christ how many of these did I buy back in 2011. At some point I should at least use them to air brush or something. I'm sure at one point I had like 5 Wing ZERO's. I built like 2 but they were failures. Then during the SDGO days I painted one semi successfully in Dearche colors because mug Kingu. They came from a massive clearance sale that Big Lots was having. A friend from the guild told us and suddenly the purchasing happened, they were like a dollar to $3 max.
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[Image: U13i66q.jpg]

[Image: usJrYeW.jpg]

Deeper down the chamber of secrets.
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ALso found a couple of PS2s, memory cards, PSPs, old phones and various other retro items. Fun fact, a PSP's battery WILL explode in due time just like any other! Luckily everything was still in working order, though I need the adapter to the NES for the TV. These I definitely cleaned up and then put in a proper storage container that should be temperature controlled.

[Image: ZpZJiaB.jpg]

If my OCD has at least one benefit it's that made me over protective of all my things ever since I was a wee lad. So most of my consoles, games, disks etc are still in the same condition as they were 10-20 years ago. aka newish.
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[Image: X6foRuG.jpg]
[Image: xAnav9D.jpg]
[Image: SzLcg6o.jpg]
[Image: JMqmM5E.jpg]

And just as I was about to reach the end of the stored items and finish it......
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>33 years later
>>You're still here by my side, old friend.

 [Image: PVHlQXt.jpg]
[Image: paCt7JJ.jpg]

Currently 1am.
>MFW still destroying old documents, papers, and anything that reminds me of my youth and humans

[Image: rvCcCl3.jpg]

I'm been finding receipts, warranties, etc from over 20 years ago from games I bought as a wee lad. (Also why the hell did I get picked for Jury Duty so much....)
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[Image: hmI2tNz.jpg]

 [Image: SE4Nd3n.jpg]

Overall, not as depressing and mentally stressed as I thought I'd be from the old memories. Found some neat treasures, and Orochi was along for the ride so it made things more entertaining as I kept rediscovering new old things.

[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Well, it's official. The legendary Giraffe has now officially become an endangered species. I hope you humans have a TERRIBLE nights sleep.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
How are the giraffes, of all living creatures, on the endangered species list? WHY are they on the list?
Due to human interference, the Giraffe population has dropped by 40% in the last 30 years.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
I really need to stop being a moron and go to a doctor as soon as things pop up.

Friday night as I was finishing my closet, my right foot started hurting. As the weekend went on, it got worse. I thought to myself maybe I just hit my toe or something and would walk it off. But tuesday night/wednesday morning the main got so bad I was about to just go to the Urgent care as soon as they opened. The pain was just too damn much, and even now I can;t move that toe at all, and just putting on a sock or a show hurts like all hell.

Luckily though by some miracle my doctor had a free appointment that day so he was able to see me. For now he perscribed me some anti biotics and some other things to help with the swelling.

In other news, I finished FF XV finally. Well worth the 10 year wait. And at the same time the mid credits scene literally brought me to tears. It was just so damn good, and hits really hard.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
I may have come back to Super Robot Wars and T REALLY did wonders to keep me hyped and positive. But... there is one negative feeling that I had which continues to fester within me.

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In particular, on how much I disliked the current direction World of Warcraft has taken, realizing that it has been like that since Cataclysm... and they have instead taken the stance of making Alliance the whitey whitey justifiable good guy and Horde being the bad bad bad guy. In other words, making the Alliance the pitiable Golden Boy that can never be wrong while it's always the Horde that's being shamed for doing justifiably bad things. The more balanced state formed since the end of Warcraft 3 and kept until Wrath of the Lich King was... DEAD, and in its place were a bunch of Alliance Apologists that turned the Alliance into some sort of Marty Stu faction that would make Jesus Yamato proud.

But that's not what pisses me off the most.

The thing that pisses me off the most is that one of the communities I followed had a video game forum and topic that talks about WoW. One of the mods frequent there and... he's a complete fanboy/sheep of the current Blizzard direction and mocks anyone that do not have positive attitude to the World of Warcraft writing. Of course, when I stated that it should be all right for people to speak what they do not like about the story... he marked me as a hater (I have been doing that to the point of... warning, it's something I thought to be correct), a strawman and even BANS me from that video game forum (I could use everything else in the site, except talk about video games) based on my 'past mistakes'.

... That is what pisses me off the most. I feel like some sort of great injustice have been struck on me, and that mod laughing that no one shall diss WoW, even if others are displeased on it, or they shall be mocked or at worst... banned. Like me. And that mod is going to get away from that, turning the WoW part as his own personal paradise that no one shall diss Blizzard.

I just hope the hot blooded, positive ways of Super Robot Wars can help make me forget... though some may think that this would look REALLY familiar to my issue that I had in this forum before. That said, I really should try to look for other positive parts of Warcraft that I liked, despite the current state of story ruining everything. (All in all, my love for Leeroy Jenkins remain untainted)

Thanks for letting me write this.
Welcome back buddy
Hope i get enthused about the series again but unless we get an ending for OG in sight at least (i'm in a successful OG media blackout so far ever since MD got announced and plan to keep it that way)

Anyway, Cheers & Peace.
Uhm, this was just my first post in here for awhile, but after the announcement of T, I've been hanging around in the SRW T subforum...

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