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Fate/Grand Order
Eh..wasn't really too stoked about the event myself. Skipped the story entirely. I guess you'd appreciate it more if you played CCC (which I didn't)

Gacha not being generous added to the salt. I guess I'm back to zero quartz and saving up next time Gilgamesh, Tamamo or a good SSR assassin comes out.
... to be honest this is pretty much it, I loved CCC therefore I will clean this event.
don't get me wrong, the extra singularity story was simple great, i loved it the production values of this game are astonishing for a phone game.

i'm talking about the actual event, no past event required us to complete 100/100 missions to get all the accession materials before, but battling Kiara was fun as well, its just that like i said, its too much time we really do need a extra month, not a extra week.
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the Kara no Kyoukai event similar?
Actually I looked and you only need to get 90, and you get 4-5 simply by beating those Guardians for BB Cards and 2-4 more for Leveling/Bonding BB.
It's actually pretty much like the Ilya and KnK Event, yes.
- Beating the 3 Sentinels
- Beating 5 quests on BB dungeon
- Beating all the quests on the event
- beating 90 missions

bounding with BB and leveling and ascending her just clear 2 missions
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

2 each yes, so 4 (one each for the first bond/ascension and 1 for the third).
Also each Sentinel + BB/GO is one Mission + 1 for all Four so 5.
Plus the ones you mentioned (Beat 5 Quests and Beat all Quests) you are at 11 Missions done.
So if you had 80 Missions done to beat the Eromonster getting BB done isn't actually hard.
Though you don't actually need everything from the Shop to beat her so it can be done earlier.
Now getting 100 Missions done is slightly more work.

... though yes this is a shitton of work, guess that's why they extended the event.

To be honest I disliked the Christmas System more ... though you could Milk it for Materials like nothing else in the Game.
Okay done cleaning the Event.
I have to say again, aside from the Mission System (not exactly a fan) this Event was extremely well done.
Hell it was more akin to a Mini Chapter than a actual Event, actually I'm sure it has the most Story of all the events before.
And the Final Boss was great too, they even gave the Bonus Boss her own Theme (that and the BB Slot while doing Missions on ... well BB has different Animations too) I said it once and I say it again, the Production Value is crazy for a mere Phone Game.

... I wonder if there is some later reference to it, considering we fought an actual Beast (even if only half of it) I dare say it should be important (that and it would be funny if BB actually sticks around after the event, maybe with some 4th Wall breaking for the poor sods that didn't do the event :p ... yeah doubtful)

As for BB she seems weak at first and she definitely doesn't do notable damage but if I look at her Skills/NP I can see a few Niches for her.
Her First Skill actually is a pretty damn good Heal, 3000 HP at 4 Turns + Debuff Immunity (that works for Self demerits like Jeans) is really strong for a Healing Skill (I think it's one of the best actually, only Nightingales Heal Skill heals more but at a Higher Turn Count).
Her Second Skill is a Cleaning/Stun Combo which I would have loved a few Times while doing the Story.
Her Third Skill ... yeah she lacks the Attack Power to make good use of it but by itself it's actually a pretty nasty Skill.
... sadly these skills only shine if you invest in them, on low Levels they are rather weak, Overall BB is a Servant that needs other Servants to shine ... then again she is a Wellfare Servant so she is pretty much free, kinda like a "nice to have"
She kinda would work well with Jean in a NP Party.

She is no GOLDEN RIDER but that is not exactly a fair comparison :p

... oh and she is pretty much Immune to instadeath, her Chance is so low you might as well play the Lottery.

Well, it did kick the crap out of Pokemon GO in Japan and it's still going strong up to today and powered by waifu whales. And it's pretty much *the* poster child for FATE games in terms of lining up Nasu's pockets.

I got Kiara in my last ticket pull (having no expectations) despite using my last quartz to get her previously.

I don't understand this game.
9M download campaign with Goddess Gacha.

Unsure if I want to spend some newly acquired quartz from bonuses...

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