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Dragonball Action RPG - Top Nep - 01-28-2019

The teaser just hit a minute ago.

RE: Dragonball Action RPG - Mai - 01-28-2019

Legacy of Goku Remake?

this day and age i would find strange to make a Dragon Ball RPG game ending on Frieza, but them again they might plan to make it on 3 parts like the original, since Bandai have to release a yearly dragon ball game or they lose the license of the series, so that's a smart move make a episodic rpg

RE: Dragonball Action RPG - yazi - 01-28-2019

Developed by CyberConnect2. They really got their fingers in a lot of shonen jump stuff... Naruto, Jojo, and now Dragonball...

RE: Dragonball Action RPG - Top Nep - 01-28-2019

That's why I'm excited for it. Even if I don't care for Naruto, and the like, They've done amazing work with those properties the last several years. Albeit I heard Eyes of Heaven sucked. The only thing I don't like is "Action RPG" which is literally just Xenoverse.