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Xenoverse 3??? - Top Nep - 01-11-2019

I really hope it is.

RE: Xenoverse 3??? - Mai - 01-11-2019

Seasson 2 for FighterZ and Xenoverse needs a seguel not more DLC there's many things they need to fix i actually love the Xenvoerse Series but actually they need to put a lot more work on the fighting ground

i think they will use the models from Dragon Ball Legends polish them, and call it a day, but there's a LOT of fighters that are not on Legends yet, well lets just wait and see

RE: Xenoverse 3??? - Mai - 01-11-2019

Apparently is FighterZ S2 DLC here are the "leak" this person leaked all the others DLC right.


Raditz and Gogeta


Tapion and Videl (With Great Sayaman assists)


Cabba and Caulifla (With Kale assist on finisher)

RE: Xenoverse 3??? - Top Nep - 01-11-2019

Xeno2 had a lot of issues. Even the produced flat out said that it was a rush job and wanted to take another year or 2 .

It did very little to change from the first games gameplay. The only major addition was just the HUB world, but taht was just over tedious because having to remake and rejoin a party after each mission was so stupid.

But the biggest issue is how awful the story overall was for a lot of people. For the 2nd game in a row they had you do the exact same thing you did the first came, forcing you to "Fix history".

NO ONE CARES. No one wants to relive the same boring dragonball lore for the 500th time in a row of "Fix time". It's especially even more ironic now after Dragonball Super had Trunks flat out say "Screw the sins and screw time" and didn't care at all about what he did.

RE: Xenoverse 3??? - Samuraiter - 01-14-2019

Eh, I'm still okay playing the first Xenoverse. I haven't felt much motivation to get the second one, let alone be interested in a possible third.

Then again, I'm the guy who likes Dragonball Fusions, so make of that what you will.

RE: Xenoverse 3??? - Mai - 01-19-2019

Nothing wrong with DB Fusions i do liked it

RE: Xenoverse 3??? - Top Nep - 01-19-2019

The game could have used some more polish but overall it wasn't that bad. The new Dragonbal Heroes game is a tleast getting the NA release. (Already had an Asia english version so that was seen a mile away)

The bright side is that at least Xenoverse 3 will get more development time. That is, assuming it's already being developed and they're still not focusing on trying to shove in as much DLC as they can into Xeno 2.

They really need to just make the game based on Dragonball Heroes over the stupid time patrol gimmick again.