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Rockman X 25th Anniversary - Top Nep - 12-17-2018

was last night So they're celebrating in Japan, and starting off with a new Art piece among other stuff Kotobukiya has announced they're going to release a series of kits based on the X series (Most likely the new designs for Zero, Alia and Axl) with their premieres at Winter Wonder Fes coming in febuary.. #fuckWolfSigma

[Image: fHmjKVZ.jpg]

RE: Rockman X 25th Anniversary - Kicksville - 12-17-2018

I've never seen the need for figures and statues to tinker around with the X designs, but seeing as how the proper ones have gotten no shortage of releases across various different lines, I really can't complain at all.

(...well, except for with Axl)