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Project N.O.X. - Top Nep - 12-05-2018

Falcom's twitter just teased and new teaser site. Unknown but it doesn't seem like Ys, and it's way to soon to be the next Kiseki?

My money is on the next Tokyo Xanadu. The PS4 updated version flat out confirmed a 2nd was coming and built it up so hard with the spirit loli.

EDIT: Looking at the full artwork, it's most certainly an original IP. The artowrk or aesthetic doesn't match Tokyo Xanadu, Ys or Kiseki.

RE: Project N.O.X. - Shear - 12-05-2018

Which version is the one on Steam?

RE: Project N.O.X. - Top Nep - 12-05-2018

The steam version is of the updated PS4 version, Tokyo Xanadu eX+ that has the additional story content, and a new epilogue chapter that practically yells there's going to be a second game.

RE: Project N.O.X. - Shear - 12-05-2018

Thanks, gonna snatch it up when my backlog Tower is a little smaller ... right now it risk toppling over and killing me.

RE: Project N.O.X. - Mai - 12-06-2018

Its possible something totally new i expect a action/rpg

RE: Project N.O.X. - Top Nep - 12-06-2018

Yeah, it's definitely an original IP. The art style and aesthetic doesn't match any known property. It COULD be close for the art of modern Kiseki, but they're not going to make the next title already when theyve spent the last 6-7 years Sen. Teasing Ys 9 wouldn't be that big of a Tease either as Kondo has said multiple times the last few months that Ys 9 was already being planned and in development.

RE: Project N.O.X. - Vincent - 12-06-2018

More Falcom are always welcome in my book.
I say Bring it on.