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Prima Game's shutting down - DragoEnovy09 - 12-03-2018

Just as the title says, Prima Games is closing down in the spring of 2019.  Here's a link telling more about it:

RE: Prima Game's shutting down - yazi - 12-03-2018

Its not that much of a surprise, less people are using physical guides for years now especially with gamefaqs and online walkthroughs.

And it doesn't help that a bunch of guides were made for games that likely didn't need them either... I can understand for RPGs because of the item and enemy glossary as well as sidequests, atleast awhile ago but outside of FF, there are very few strategy guides for J-RPGs in general these days too...

RE: Prima Game's shutting down - DragoEnovy09 - 12-03-2018

Yeah you're right. I'm also heard that Gamestop is planning to sell off the company imminent. I can't help but wonder how many stores and/or companies from our youth are now long gone or are about to be gone.

RE: Prima Game's shutting down - Samuraiter - 12-07-2018

Prima guides used to be high-quality. Hell, I still refer to my old copy of Nintendo Games Secrets when I play nowadays. But they lost their edge when they started to be devoted to individual games, rather than being thicker, smaller books that covered multiple games for a single platform. ... For that era, at least, I give them a hat tip.

RE: Prima Game's shutting down - yazi - 12-07-2018

I still have a lot of their JRPG guides especially from the PS2 and PS2 era. Sadly Bradygames was also part of Prima games... I've noticed that starting with the PS4/Xbone era, there have been far far less guides...

RE: Prima Game's shutting down - thebigb - 12-07-2018

They just were not able to survive the web.

Would have been such a great world if they did.