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Azur Lane Cross Wave - Top Nep - 09-14-2018

Holy hell yes!
When I heard IF/CH were doing a new title, I expected a enw Neptune game. THis is even better!

RE: Azur Lane Cross Wave - DragoEnovy09 - 09-14-2018

Azur Lane is the game that's known for being a shoot 'em up with Shipgirls, a competitor against KanColle, and for having crossovers with Neptunia, World of Warships, and VOTOMS right?

RE: Azur Lane Cross Wave - Top Nep - 09-14-2018


For the most part, Azur Lane is wrecking Kankolle. Largely because Aure Lane actually does thing, updates, has events, and is an actual game that's fun to play where as Kancolle hardly does anything and the only reason it's still alive is it's try hard dedicated fans who don't want to admit it's a sinking ship.

Aure Lane to Kancolle is basically Fortnite to PUBG