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Super Smash Brothers - Top Nep - 06-13-2018

So yeah, the Direct aired. This update will feature every character in Smash ever. Including Rockman, Solid Snake, and Ryu and Cloud.

But there' no HomuHomu so I'm passing passing.
[Image: cwWJ70z.jpg]

RE: Super Smash Brothers - Bass GS - 06-13-2018

I'm interested to see what other new character they bring in

Jeez man.

RE: Super Smash Brothers - Top Nep - 06-13-2018

Just give me Homura. HOMURA, OR NIA, NOT REX.

also they revealed the box art.
[Image: LfcPd4V.jpg]

RE: Super Smash Brothers - Top Nep - 06-14-2018

They toned down her assets.....
[Image: EwQyTBo.jpg]
[Image: NAW9X9i.jpg]

RE: Super Smash Brothers - Constraint - 06-14-2018

Read an interesting article from Game Informer on how it's considered a "new" game due to the core mechanics having been modified and improved upon. I think the main problem is that it doesn't seem like a sequel.

N64 > Gamecube > Wii so far felt like sequels whereas Wii U and now this just seem like enhanced versions of the Wii iteration.