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Daemon x Machina - Top Nep - 06-13-2018

Armored Core For Answerer win the Direct. Thas literally just White Glint and the Spirit of Mother Will.

RE: Daemon x Machina - Mai - 06-13-2018

its this the series that had a Anemone cameo?

RE: Daemon x Machina - Top Nep - 06-13-2018

Is it? The mechs flat out look like LFOs.

Haha, wow. No Wonder NotArmored Core and NotWhiteGlint are so Not armored Core and NotWhite Glint. It IS Armored Core and White Glint.

It's the actual staff now working for Marvellous. , including Kawamori returning for the designs.

RE: Daemon x Machina - Shear - 06-13-2018

No wonder then, my first thought was "Armored Core with Cell shading?" Well a new Mecha game is always a good thing for me Smile

RE: Daemon x Machina - Top Nep - 06-13-2018

Pretty much Armored Core 6. Complete with WhiteMint and Ninthball.

RE: Daemon x Machina - Top Nep - 06-13-2018

Direct feed shots.
[Image: BVcAtCk.jpg]

[Image: qHZUTD7.jpg]

[Image: INgKPve.jpg]

[Image: MXGGvo1.jpg]

kek. Even the JP people I follow on Twitter are saying "sup' amrored core

RE: Daemon x Machina - Mai - 06-13-2018

that looks awesome

RE: Daemon x Machina - Kicksville - 06-13-2018

I hope it plays better than Armored Core. Series just never clicked for me.

RE: Daemon x Machina - yazi - 06-13-2018

It depends on the Armored Core game... Customization is a major aspect of the games and it takes a lot of time and effort making your unit with every part and balancing it. It can be overwhelming.

Armored Core 4 Answer is considered one of the best in the series. I think its easier for newcomers compared to the PS2 and PS1 era games. Armored Core 5/Verdict Day not that good...

RE: Daemon x Machina - Top Nep - 06-13-2018

Yeah, 4 and For Answer was a good entry point to new players. It also played a several times more faster then previous AC games. Part of this games charm besides White Mint, is that the speed is incredibly high speed and on par if not faster then For Answer even.

V and Verdict day were just too different. The Because they wanted to focus almost entirely on online and team v team battles, they slowed the game down considerably from For Answer, which a lot of people didn't like. Not to mention how there was now so much more focus on online PvP is ntead of the core single player gameplay. It's actually what's plaguing Gundam Breaker 4 right now.

The other issues were aesthetics. Many didn't care that all the parts on V/VD were all dirty and clunky looking. There was nothing stream lined, sleek etc compared to previous games. So far this is the first game that's really got my attention as a SwitcH owner.

Sure there was Xenoblade, but that localization clearly killed it and the MC was god awefully annoying.