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BioHazard 2 - Top Nep - 06-12-2018

Confirmed! And this isn't some HD remaster, it's entirely remade from the ground up

RE: BioHazard 2 - yazi - 06-12-2018

When RE2 remake was announced 2 years ago it was confirmed to be a total remake. Just been a long time since we heard any new details.

RE: BioHazard 2 - Andy Chan - 06-12-2018

Unofficial channel, stolen from conference.

RE: BioHazard 2 - Mai - 06-12-2018

i saw the trailer liked it ;o

RE: BioHazard 2 - yazi - 06-12-2018

Gotta admit, Capcom is restored my faith in it to a degree with this year's announcements. Devil May Cry 5 and this look pretty good. I'm still cautious about Megaman 11 until I see more gameplay. See what happens when you focus on games outside of fighters and MH? Take a good break from SF and diversify your games Capcom. And burn your mobile games division, especially since that BoF6 crap.

RE: BioHazard 2 - Top Nep - 06-12-2018

So far there's nothing major but some people with access to early alpha tests of it have been saying that RM11 has actually been going really well. And that the team basically wants to make up for the "failings of the imposters" (MN9). One thing they've said is that the games difficulty is significantly higher then previous Rockman games.

But unlike say, Rockman X6 where it was hard due to BS map designs and enemy spawns, it's a lot more fairer with the level design.

As to Re2 remake, since they'll have many of the larger assets already they can now also make RE3 far easier and faster.

RE: BioHazard 2 - Top Nep - 06-12-2018

On a related note, I'm kind of surprised there's not as many people bitching about the character designs the way there was with RE7 and DMC5. Wondering if people have started realizing it's now the standard as long as they keep using the RE7 engine.

RE: BioHazard 2 - Top Nep - 06-12-2018

Resident Evil 2 full trailer (Conference was just the announce trailer)

RE: BioHazard 2 - Top Nep - 01-12-2019

For those interested the 30 minute one shot Demo is now live. It's the same one taht was at E3, TGS, etc. Basically the game will end when you either reach the 30 minute time limit, or reach the end goal of the demo. A friend working at Capcom confirmed this is an actual end goal and also that you're limited to the first part of the station.

RE: BioHazard 2 - Andy Chan - 01-12-2019

I'm downloading it. I'll post my playthrough later.