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Pinpoint tickets? - Mngalahad - 05-06-2018

I have gotten a few and I see you can get them from some gaccha but, what are they? how do you use them?

RE: Pinpoint tickets? - Andy Chan - 05-06-2018

There's a "Pinpoint Gacha" every weekend, usually featuring just one SSR unit. Basically, it's a gacha where the reward for gambling is just that one particular SSR unit. Nothing else. This week is attacker Van Hause (Fail) as SSR unit.
If you happen to like the featured unit, go use the ticket, and you'll be guaranteed it. Otherwise, just wait until there's an interseting unit you want before using it up.
Don't use OMG crystals, as it's not guaranteed.

RE: Pinpoint tickets? - Mngalahad - 05-12-2018

oh thanks, thats awesome. sorry for replying so late.