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Plot Translations - Mai - 01-24-2018

Entry ~ 1

Unit Quests

Shizuki Shizukawa Aka ShizuShizu (nickname)
Huckbein Type L

Background - Born and Raised on a wealthy family, leaved house early to join the Nicola Wilheim labs and make herself a pilot,  know for having a lot of personality problems,she boards the Huckbein type L as a test pilot, she has a lot of doubts about her skill and place to be.

Series - OGs
Creator and writer - Terada
Voice Actress - Yukiko Fuuji

Huckbein unit quest - Black Hole Engine

~~~ Lab Interior ~~~

Shizuki is on the hangar contemplating the machine that she will be piloting from this day onward when a man approach her "PTX-08 Huckbein, its very different from everything that you pilot till this day", he adds that the machine is powered by the recent developed black hole engine, and it takes the pilot not only skill but also knowledge to be able to hand the machine, she them answer that its a dangerous machine, any mistake can cause a accident she is knows this very well, she also adds ask the man know as Velt if there's any problem that she should know, and he says that there's no problem.Velt -- "i like to add that the Type L is but a prototype to the future Type R, that will be mass developed i hope that you really know the risks"Shizuki - "i'm well aware, i'm proud to be able to take part of the project to make the Type R, and a machine that will protect people" (there's a alien invasion going on so that's what she is talking about) the test will be tomorrow on the launch time Shizuki will take the type L to America waters where she will meet a battleship and take part on a combat, Shizuki them ask why she was selected for this and not him, he says that  they want to see the Type L weapons and features, she is not sure about how well she can do yet and Velt adds that they will count on her, she ask if he is free and ask him to training on the simulator.when it ends she says that she is not qualified to pilot and Velt says that it don't meter to he  she question him and he says that even if she is not qualified now she would still want to pilot after all, she goes silent.

Part 2 -

~~ Simulator Room ~~

After the test Shizuki questions Velt why she was chosen as the test pilot after all, and he says that since she is a from a well know and wealthy family and a military talented woman its normal that this happens is procedure, they rather bring her to the labs them to the military itself, she them says that if its just because she is a woman them, because she is not talented, and its not the person that her image make her out to be, she them adds that she was remove from the army because her father made it be that way, and that's probably because she is here, she thinks that is a boring way to live, Velt talks her out of the boredom talk and ask if she wants to leave them, he can help, she is unable to answer when he says that they are the last resource, when everything fails there's still them it don't meter if she is a test pilot now, the words "last resource" made a impression on Shizuki, when suddenly they detect the Crossbone Vanguard bots murdering weapons around, and deploy to save the people from them.    

Final Part -

RE: Plot Translations - Mai - 01-24-2018

Placeholder for:

L-Gaim event

Status: On Going

Before starting, keep in mind that i know nothing about these series, i know LGaim from SRW games and that's it, so if you know some character or unit name that are wrong translated fell free to fix it

Chapter 1 -

~~ Unknown place ~~

LGaim cast and Epsilon(i think its his name) are surrounded by a military faction, Leccee ask if there's a plan and how to proceed from here, Epsilon ask them to remain calm, they can't maintain the formation all the time according to him, and that leaves Amu impatient she apparently don't like soldiers too much as she says that he is not helping at all, Daba ask her to compose he is their last resort after all.

Daba ask Leccee if there was no communication to the resistance yet, and she says that they where totally cut off sometime ago, when the communication come, their use codname know as Deloyer 7, Daba recognizes them, and says that this means that the resistance that they are searching is in fact the Sun Fang.

the plot its rather interesting...they are fighting for independence from a dictatorship, the last elected governor declared martial law and now is the absolute ruler, the deployer 7 wage guerrilla wars, Daba and his friends wants to join the resistance since they are too being pursued (do you noticed how the Heavy metals from L Gaim are a little bigger in game than the other real units?)

Leccee tells what she knows and is pretty surprised that they are the resistance, Daba ask attention they should work with the resistance now since they are trying to break up the enemy lines.

a man named Cashin (not sure) contact Daba and the others asking them to move over to the structure that they are, they escape with success

 [Image: zxspNsc.jpg]

they meet a man named Rocky as well as Cashin, Epsilon and Leccee are surprised that the resistance is such a small group and Cashin tells them to not believe everything that's on the media about them, they know nothing, Amu is pleased that the resistance is made of people that she can trust and she is interrupted by the other characters before going on, Cashin ask Daba and the others to move on.

RE: Plot Translations - Mai - 01-25-2018

Chapter 1 of the event summarized

RE: Plot Translations - Mattman324 - 01-26-2018

His name is Ypsilon. The Dougram character may be showing up as Kashim, but that’s his last name, and that’ll get very confusing very quickly if his family shows up, so probably best to call him by his first name, Crinn.

And it’s the Fang of the Sun (Taiyou no Kiba) and the planet name is Deloyer. The aforementioned political maneuver is rather interesting - essentially, one man got a bunch of rebel leaders together and “took control”, but it turned out he was working for Earth the whole time, so he imprisoned them all, becoming the planet’s ruler under Earth. Thanks to how it looked to the general public it was intended to help quell rebellion, but the truth was very quickly realized (a prominent rebel leader suddenly proclaiming loyalty to Earth? Yeah, bullshit.) which caused everything to get worse, led to Crinn rebelling because his father was one of the masterminds (albeit for VERY legitimate reasons, he’s the main leader on Earth to actually have a good reason for his actions) and joining the rest of the group that would soon become the Fang of the Sun during a mission to steal back Dougram from the Earth forces that jacked the thing.

RE: Plot Translations - srw785 - 01-30-2018

Thanks Mai. Are you going to do unit quest translations for other SRW OG units that you have?

Mattman, isn't that because he's not japanese? So his name is listed in western order.

RE: Plot Translations - Mai - 01-30-2018

(01-30-2018, 05:48 AM)srw785 Wrote: Thanks Mai. Are you going to do unit quest translations for other SRW OG units that you have?

Mattman, isn't that because he's not japanese? So his name is listed in western order.

Yes i will do the unit quests of the OG units that i own on my hangar over time i need crystals to unlock their final episodes after all

and about the event plot, i was very busy it was on a very tight schedule for me hopefully they will rerun it so i can play the story it seemed pretty good

RE: Plot Translations - srw785 - 01-30-2018

(01-30-2018, 07:55 AM)Mai Wrote:
(01-30-2018, 05:48 AM)srw785 Wrote: Thanks Mai. Are you going to do unit quest translations for other SRW OG units that you have?

Mattman, isn't that because he's not japanese? So his name is listed in western order.

Yes i will do the unit quests of the OG units that i own on my hangar over time i need crystals to unlock their final episodes after all

and about the event plot, i was very busy it was on a very tight schedule for me hopefully they will rerun it so i can play the story it seemed pretty good

Oh, yea. I think Granzon doesn't need any.

No need to rush doing this event's translation. You can look at any event story, as long as it's not an event that has a limited-time collaboration series. It's in the menu next to the login button, the first option, it says "シナリオ" and two other kanji.

RE: Plot Translations - Mattman324 - 01-30-2018

(01-30-2018, 05:48 AM)srw785 Wrote: Mattman, isn't that because he's not japanese? So his name is listed in western order.

I don’t even think Japan gets brought up a single time in Dougram, the member nations were very different from current Earth ones.

His name is Crinn Kashim, with Crinn as his given name and Kashim as his family name.

RE: Plot Translations - Mai - 01-31-2018

Frontal Event

Chapter 1 - Those who manipulate the world

"Hello quest welcome to the this reserved parallel world... Fighting to return order to the world, or fighting to make your reasons be heard, you been fighting these people i will show you... more of their faces..."

Wang Liu Mei is on her mansion, outside on a chat with Ribons turns out that she is financing him and supporting his operations, however the Inovator leader don't really trust her reasoning and ask her what's her deal on all of this, she says to him that she is looking forward to see the world change, and what changes can he brings to the world, they also chat about Alaws and their operations, when Gilbert arrive, he don't know Ribons but he knows A laws, they meet each other and, Gilbert say that "speaking of them...."


Zaft outside ready to battle, Frontal leading the sleves reminds Angelo to wait them shoot first, them they can respond in full force without having to worry about anything.

~~ Battle ~~

Gilbert and Ribons keep on chating while Ribons keep going on how Gilbert manipulate everyone around him, and he find that interesting the world need to be see like that, Gilbert says that its all right he passed a lot of time without going to war but its going now, an ask Ribons to "mediate" a war for him, Ribons is amused when Gilbert continues talking how he manipulate not only his Zaft, but other places on space, when a soldier arrives telling him that the Sleeves meet the federal forces of Zaft, and Zaft forces where totally destroyed.


Chapter 2

Liu Mei - "they devastated Zaft forces? shoudl't they be allies?"
Gilbert - "seems like a misunderstand happened"

~~ Deep Space ~~

Dr.Hell is ordering his monsters, to destroy the sleeves troops, as well as the Alaws under Ribons command, his plan is simple, he see utility for the sleeves, they been doing guerrillas on space against Earth forces, and he want their technology and want them out of his way, when doing this he wants to show all space the power of King Gordon(i think that's it).

~~ Liu Mei mansion ~~

Liu Mei is amused by what she heard, moments ago she was hearing the two gentleman talking about how they could manipulate the world, Ribbons assumes that the situation is getting out of hand, and Gilbert state that he will lend Alaws his forces, the innovator ask if he foresaw this happening, Gilbert says that of course he could't know that something like that would happen, however he believes that it will benefic both of them since the machine beasts won't stop until destroyed.

~~ Battle ~~

~~ Battle ~~

~~ City ~~

Revive and Hillign contact Ribbons and talk to him about how the sleeves are still resisting and how their troops are now heading there now, Ribbons see this as a opportunity to take down the underground empire together with the sleeves and Wang asks if he don't fear that they will ally against him, he says that its ok if that happens, but its unlikely

Chapter 3

Ray deploys on the Zaft side and is joined by Hilling Care and Revival, both of them don't think much about coordinators, but as how they are a inferior copies of theirs as innovators, Ray stays quiet thinking that those guys talk too much, they don't analyze their situation at all

suddenly enemy appears and lead by Angelo sleeves attack the 3 of them backed by Ashura, remember that alliance that would not happen? it did :O

Ashura make short work of the Gadessas that run away after the battle, he laughs calling them cowards, Angelo warn him to that it didn't ended yet, Hilling charge his/her Trans-Am and shoot a cannon on Ashura.

Chapter 4

Ashura --- "this is impossible, such a fast attack!"

however the battle is not over yet, but now King Gordon is being bullied by the Gadessas and Ray is surprised at Alaws way to fight after all, however... at another place battle has ended, Dr.Hell and Frontal just wiped out some grunts and Frontal smirks as Dr.Hell explains to him how the  Veda super computer works, and how its impossible to win while your are having all your movements tracked by it.

battle is over and Angelo calls retreat, Hilling and Revive commemorate their victory for little time when all the innovators suddenly sense that something happened with Veda, Ribons sense it on the colony as well, bothered Hillign contact her "brother" Ribons confirms what is happening and Wang ask if something went wrong, without Veda his plans are not going well.

[Image: O0N36ZA.png]

RE: Plot Translations - Mai - 02-01-2018

Chapter 2 added