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PS4 save editors? - Voltes-V - 01-22-2018

What's the legit and current PS4 editors out there?

RE: PS4 save editors? - Andy Chan - 01-22-2018

Like the old Bruteforce Save Data editor for PS3, right?
I would love to have one too.

RE: PS4 save editors? - Top Nep - 01-22-2018


RE: PS4 save editors? - Khrysler Jerikho - 01-22-2018

Non-paid? Dunno

Paid? You have Save Wizard and Cyber

RE: PS4 save editors? - DairuggerXV - 01-23-2018

No non-paid that I've found yet. PS4 save wizard (for every place not-Japan) and Cyber (Japanese only) exist. However, they are both limited in the number of psn accounts (1 is the default for cyber, and I think 4 is the limit for save wizard) you can use with them, making it really hard for someone to say "hey I have this, if you want me to edit your saves, send me the saves and what you want edited." Otherwise I'd have made the offer some time ago.

RE: PS4 save editors? - Voltes-V - 01-26-2018

I don't mind paying if they can do the job, which one updates regularly and works with SRW?

RE: PS4 save editors? - Shear - 01-26-2018

A quick look at the Website lists the Chinese Version of SRW OG and V as compatible, no Idea if it also works with the English Versions.

RE: PS4 save editors? - DairuggerXV - 01-26-2018

The Save Wizard one works on the English versions of the game.