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SNK Heroines - Top Nep - 01-12-2018

Tag team game where you get to dress up and or slut up the heroines of the various SNK series. For PS4, with a lesser Switch version as well.

[Image: 00000968_02.jpg]
[Image: 9GAw58r.jpg]

RE: SNK Heroines - Andy Chan - 01-12-2018

Interesting. It seems to use KOFXIV engine, though. XD

RE: SNK Heroines - Andy Chan - 02-15-2018


RE: SNK Heroines - Kicksville - 02-15-2018

The magically fast tag switching is interesting, a pretty straight forward way seemingly eliminating the clean tagging anxiety in other games (not that that is better or worse, just different). Has there been any kind of explanation for the weirdass life bars yet?

It is nice seeing SNK trying to do more than just KOF and mobile games, even if it is by polishing what were relatively crappy assets. Although I have to admit resorting to full fan service mode all the time reeks of desperation.