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Gundam Breaker 4? - Top Nep - 01-12-2018

Bamco announced the "Gundam Game New Year Festival 2018" event is coming and It will take place at 21:00/9pm JST on January 16th, and will be live-streamed.

What strongly hints at Gundam Breaker 4 is that the news was retweeted by the official Gundam Breaker twitter account.

RE: Gundam Breaker 4? - yazi - 01-12-2018

Might be more than 1 Gundam game, I think they might go for another SD Gundam game using Genesis's engine, either including all late UC or AC Gundam or both.

I wonder if its time for a new Gihren's Greed too.... haven't seen that since the meh Unicorn one on the PSP but Menace of Axis V was pretty damn good.

RE: Gundam Breaker 4? - hookittomyveins - 01-12-2018

I could use a new gundam musou game. they have a lot more units they can add in from age, g-reco and IBO. omega force has been super busy lately though.

RE: Gundam Breaker 4? - Top Nep - 01-12-2018

Gundam Breaker litterally IS a Musou game, only you can create and kit bash a unit from a massive amount of gunpals.

RE: Gundam Breaker 4? - Andy Chan - 01-12-2018

^What he said.
I really enjoyed Gundam Breaker 2, but didn't get the third one.

RE: Gundam Breaker 4? - yazi - 01-12-2018

Breaker 3's story and characters is pretty boring compared to 2's but the gameplay and mechanics are better and a lot less annoying stages too. Although I do miss the extra stages from 2...

RE: Gundam Breaker 4? - Top Nep - 01-13-2018

I loved 3. Misa grew on me, and Robo-ta was a bro. Especially as he developed in the DLC. Near the end, I pretty much was hoping that they'd return for the next game.

And then I finished the last DLC.....It ended with Robo-ta sacrificing himself, and getting lost in space as his battery drained. Then to get found by the Info-chan 30 years later and now commercial mobile suits and space colonies are real.

Naturally Robota's first question is 'How the fuck did you people do this in 30 years?"

The big failure with 3 was

A: Bounty mode. It let people bypass the actual game and just instantly get whatever parts they made, which killed the actual point of the game which is to hunt down and build your suit as you go along.

B: The glitch that let people earn infinite money also bypassing actual gameplay.

RE: Gundam Breaker 4? - Top Nep - 01-17-2018

Called it. Shin Gundam Breaker aka Gundam Breaker 4 has been confirmed for a JP 2018 release. Also will get an official NA and Euro release this time, and runs on Unreal 4.

RE: Gundam Breaker 4? - Andy Chan - 01-17-2018

Hoo. I hope it's not as bad as Shin Gundam Musou.

RE: Gundam Breaker 4? - Bass GS - 01-30-2018