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Beyond dimension battle (Rockman) - Mai - 12-31-2017

[Image: YRlHlJI.jpg]

"On a parallel future where robots and humans coexist...

on the start of the year they hold a festival that only happens once on each hundred of years joining robots from various parallel worlds they get together to party.

however a evil shadow appears to stop it, Rockman,Guy,Nono and Rockman."

Event Starts:
2018年1月1日(月) 0:00

Event Ends:
2018年1月9日(火) 13:59

This is Japan Time

How to Rockman:

- you get to roll your 14 tickets to obtain one of the Maverick Hunter units, them after this you have to go trough several bosses beating them and recruiting them,all the bosses can join. you Maverick Hunter can be Protoman, Rockman or Forte.

there's several new units on the event, among them

- New SoldatJ
- Omega GGGG

New Years Shizuka - I believe that she will be a 30 OMG unit, not only Shizuka has nothing to do with the event, but her unit can't be used to level break her other 2 units, and there's already 6 units with her included.

Happy new years people \o
[Image: wHpKkTa.jpg]

RE: Beyond dimension battle (Rockman) - Top Nep - 12-31-2017

Irregular Hunters are an X series thing (Zero, X, Axel). For Rockman there wasn't really a term it was just Rock hunting down and murdering innocent robots.

RE: Beyond dimension battle (Rockman) - srw785 - 12-31-2017

This unit distribution seems weird. 3 Megaman units and 3 other units. With the 30 OMG unit, that leaves 2 units in a step up? Or is the Megaman ones the only step up and the Gaogaigar units are in a gacha like Nu and Sazabi? I hope so, if one of them was guaranteed I might roll.

RE: Beyond dimension battle (Rockman) - Top Nep - 12-31-2017

If Rock, Blues and Forte aren't in the same gacha this will be such BS.

RE: Beyond dimension battle (Rockman) - Orochi Kusanagi - 12-31-2017

(12-31-2017, 06:51 AM)Top Nep Wrote: If Rock, Blues and Forte aren't in the same gacha this will be such BS.

This is among the most cash grabbing mobage ever, so they probably will be separate. =/

RE: Beyond dimension battle (Rockman) - thebigb - 12-31-2017

(12-31-2017, 06:51 AM)Top Nep Wrote: If Rock, Blues and Forte aren't in the same gacha this will be such BS.

Not if you want a specific unit, for gameplay reason.

RE: Beyond dimension battle (Rockman) - Kicksville - 12-31-2017

I'm not sure if the use of the original sprites is cute or extremely lazy.

RE: Beyond dimension battle (Rockman) - Mai - 12-31-2017

(12-31-2017, 07:07 AM)Kicksville Wrote: I'm not sure if the use of the original sprites is cute or extremely lazy.


and no there's several worse mobages than this one, on SRWOMG the gachas usually only countain new units you will not get dupes of a SSR that you already own, you only get those if you pull for those.

all the other gacha games has a "rate up" system where they do a rate up on a unit but let all the other old units there so you can get older units that you don't need or want. 

this game basically gives you premium currency to do daily rolls if you want, if you farm the events its pretty rare for a player on this don't be able to do a multi.

and of course the rockman units will be on the same banner they're lazy designed, all of them shooters, all of them Taiki shooters, maybe they're only Rockman tickets like... you pull on the new years banner, and  get tickets to get you guaranteed rockman units like on the sakura taisen collab

hope they are usable

RE: Beyond dimension battle (Rockman) - Orochi Kusanagi - 12-31-2017

To excuse this games terrible predatory practices with gacha is hilarious. Are there worse ones? Sure. Is this one bad? Yes. It takes from the worse parts of all mobile games (power creep making just the last batch of units obsolete, the step ups which can be made worse when you aren't even guaranteed the unit at the end, the fact that it has become increasingly difficult to limit break these units outside of whaling, the whole Omega unit fiasco, etc.).

I hope the Rockman guys are good too, but what I really hope is that I get them. Rockman has been probably my favorite videogame franchise ever since I was a kid next to Dragon Quest, so I'll use these guys no matter what.

RE: Beyond dimension battle (Rockman) - Mai - 12-31-2017

i didn't played a lot of these games maybe more knowledgeable players like Hokuto or Thebigb can help correct me if I'm wrong, but if we take out FGO and Granblue Fantasy (those i play for a long time and know)... all the others are the exact same thing as this one.

they all do those things that you're pointed out, all the others that i played did those exact same things, the market around these games are extremely predatory overall its not like "look how SRW its evil" almost all those companies that do mobile games are like that., this makes this game not predatory? no it does not, by playing this you already know how gacha games are after all.

some players where gated outside 1 LB crystal not outside all the 3, conquest Vs one and the Arena one are obtainable, and yeah it was stupid how they did it

if you don't pull 2 Taikis/month you're still good, will they make Conquest Vs harder? who knows? but for now if you really try you can get 2

point is if this was not a SRW game no one here would be playing it lol and by now we would probably had a FGO sub section

and well... they rarely do bad colab units...

what we currently need its that they fit the turn battle meta, to make life easier on Conquest (vs) i have hopes for them, the Super Robot Girls Z where all awesome units they have no reason to not make the rockman units great i just wonder how they will make them all different enough to incentive a player to try to get them all if they're not a huge rockman fan, i mean... the Idolmaster units where all different, and funny looking and different classes and had unique stuff, but now we are looking at 3 shooters i'm really puzzled by this