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Monster Hunter World Beta - Andy Chan - 12-11-2017

Well it's been two days since the beta is available, so I'll just post my gameplay a bit.

Trying it out alone.

Hunting Barroth with a friend. We failed. XD

And finally hunting Barroth again with two friends.

I'm still on the fence, though.

RE: Monster Hunter World Beta - Runemaster - 12-11-2017

I'd say buy it and go crazy!!!!

Its good to buy a game you know you could always come back to (like tekken, for example) Big Grin

RE: Monster Hunter World Beta - Kicksville - 12-11-2017

It looks good. Making a big, pretty firing-on-all-cylinders attractive Monster Hunter is pretty much one of the smartest things Capcom could do, so it is nice to see they're doing it. I've never really gotten into Monster Hunter before and I'm thinking I'll be giving this one a buy.

RE: Monster Hunter World Beta - Andy Chan - 12-11-2017

I'd say right now it's 70%.
I want to check out the character creation first, on how much we can customize and the options we have.
Too bad we can't create custom character in this beta, in fact, every time you quit the game, our character got erased! Sad

RE: Monster Hunter World Beta - Andy Chan - 12-12-2017

Hunting Anjanath

Hunting Barroth again with a different group of people than first time.

This is a great co-op game, I admit.

RE: Monster Hunter World Beta - Runemaster - 12-13-2017

One thing i noticed from the beta, is that the game toned down to noob friendly. (AKA very accessible).
Lots of tactic mechanics are now changed to make the game accessible to beginners.

Not that i'd say the game is now noob brain dead easy, no, but it's very accessible now and i meant that in a good way.
Crafting made easy, using item/health items is also way easier, tracking monster are also more fun with the scoutflies rather than paintball, armors are more universal (not tied to the weapon type anymore), the map are seamless now, you can "teleport" to other areas now, and you can even set a waypoint to any of the map points using the new scoutflies mechanic.
And the world is just.... beautiful.

I honestly can't wait for January to come.

RE: Monster Hunter World Beta - Oggy Ten - 12-14-2017

Since Andy, Dippy and I will probly team up, I gotta ask what u guys weapon of choice are. Im pretty versatile so I'm looking to complement whatever you guys are sporting =)

RE: Monster Hunter World Beta - Andy Chan - 12-14-2017

My main would be the Long Sword, with Heavy Bowgun and Insect Glaive as subs.
If I feel I want to go flying, I'll use Insect Glaive, but if I wanted to Gatling Gun things, I'll pick Heavy Bowgun.

Dippy is a Great Sword user.

Oh yeah, since this is a co-op game, our connection doesn't really matter. Big Grin

Anyway, playing with full team is fun!

RE: Monster Hunter World Beta - Oggy Ten - 12-15-2017

I mained the long sword too and hammer for the longest time but eventually moved on to switchaxe and gun lance because of the cool explosions. I never played with a party before I wanted to use the horn earlier but it seems beta is closed? Sad

RE: Monster Hunter World Beta - Andy Chan - 12-15-2017

Yeah, the beta was closed on December 12th. You're a bit late.

This was our last session, trying to hunt Rathalos instead of the target monster.