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Final fantasy Dissidia NT (Noctis) - Mai - 09-19-2017

New Trailer

RE: Final fantasy Dissidia NT (Noctis) - Bass GS - 09-20-2017

I woulda been surprised if he didn't get in.

RE: Final fantasy Dissidia NT (Noctis) - Khrysler Jerikho - 09-20-2017

I'm more hyped for Ramza though

RE: Final fantasy Dissidia NT (Noctis) - Kicksville - 02-15-2018

Hey! We DID have a thread for this! And I found it! :D

Anyway, I have been playing this since it came out and continuing to enjoy it a great deal. I have done some bouncing around with characters, which has proven to be a good idea - lots of fun, different styles. I went heavy on Golbez at the start which was uhhh trial by fire eventually, since I didn't realize he's got fairly mediocre options (and one really good one), but I've learned to do better with him even.

I'm the only one playing this, aren't I?

I'm the only one playing this. ;_;

RE: Final fantasy Dissidia NT (Noctis) - Andy Chan - 02-15-2018

I also forgot that we have this thread lol.
Seems everybody else are playing Monster Hunter World or Dragonball FighterZ, though.
Although I imagine DBFZ's crowd will thin out soon since the game's kinda problematic on the connection end.

RE: Final fantasy Dissidia NT (Noctis) - DairuggerXV - 02-15-2018

I'm just personally happy that they chose to use the confident, end-of-game Terra rather than the scared beginning-of-game Terra. Also, they seem to get away from the "people from the same game are personal nemeses" thing of the first one (didn't ever play the second one despite buying it).