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King Of Fighters: Destiny - Vincent - 03-19-2017

Is it me or does it look like a Fatal Fury Movie featuring Kyo.

RE: King Of Fighters: Destiny - Andy Chan - 03-19-2017

Yeah, that definitely looked like Fatal Fury Movie with Kyo as guest star.

RE: King Of Fighters: Destiny - Vincent - 03-19-2017

More Characters and Information about the project.

RE: King Of Fighters: Destiny - Oggy Ten - 03-20-2017

This is awesome Kyo, Garou, Kyokugen, Ikari, geese... Looks like cast is based on the pillars of KoF. <3

RE: King Of Fighters: Destiny - Vincent - 03-22-2017

Apparently Its gonna be a series not a movie.

RE: King Of Fighters: Destiny - Guntank - 03-22-2017

And its being worked on by the same guys who did Kingsglaive FFXV

RE: King Of Fighters: Destiny - Vincent - 03-23-2017

New The King Of Fighters Destiny Details Revealed

Quote:SNK made the dreams of many KOF fans come true when they announced the King Of Fighters: Destiny Animated Series. Besides the cool looking trailer and some screenshots there was not a whole lot known about the series until now. FGCnow has compiled all the tidbits of news from different sources regarding this upcoming animated series and is presenting them to you, in one place, below:
  • The King Of Fighters Destiny is the first season of planned long ongoing series of animation.
  • The first season will contain 20 episodes.
  • The first series will adapt the story of the first Fatal Fury game but will link its events to the King Of Fighters franchise. So Kyo will still be the primary character even though a big chunk of the season is about Terry and Andy’s revenge against geese and the first ever KOF tournament organized by the latter.
  • Rugal will appear towards the end of the series which will probably lead to the next season that will focus on the KOF94 game
  • The series animation will be also used for their upcoming The King Of Fighters world MMO.
  • Over 20 characters from the KOF lore will appear, including: Terry, andy, Joe, Kyo, Geese, Ryo, Robert, Yuri, Clark, Billy Kane, Benimaru and Goro.
  • The show will be released in both Chinese and Japanese version online in Summer 2017.
We at FGCnow are very excited about this announced series as the King Of Fighters franchise has one of the most coherent and consistent storyline in any fighting game, and cannot wait to see what SNK has planned for us with this series. We will continue to look for more new information and have already requested interviews and reveals from SNK and Ledo Millenium. Make sure to follow us on social media and keep checking back for the latest on The King Of Fighters Destiny.

RE: King Of Fighters: Destiny - Vincent - 07-21-2017

2nd Trailer

RE: King Of Fighters: Destiny - Bass GS - 07-22-2017

Don't forget for youtube tags you just need the ID number at the end, not the whole address

RE: King Of Fighters: Destiny - Vincent - 07-24-2017