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Super Robot Wars BX Blogness - Mai - 11-08-2016

Hello people, I've returned.

I got BX and UX some time ago, got both games pretty cheap and talking with some people majority of the opinions are that BX its one of the worst SRW games ever made by the hands of man, this got me.... surprised. After finishing my chores at home i opened the box and looked at the cast of both games, both very small compared to recent entries of the series, i decided to give BX a go first, mostly because if UX its better i prefer to begin with BX or i will not finish the other one.

This playtrough will not have upgrades, it will be one that i will try do with low turn count, and getting secrets if i find some, i'm on the game completely unaware of what expect me. so lets go to it  Smile

Also if some of you know how to take screenshots on the 3Ds tell me because i'm apparently too stupid to figure out.

Map 1 :

Destiny Begins to move.

We meet the main characters Youta and Yuki, they're on a graveyard near their homes, Youta finish his prayers them we see a scene of a man on a mecha rushing too a bunch of other mechas and dying after destroying them, Yuki and Youta meets Saji Crossroad, that lives near there, they are friends and chat a little, Youta's father died and left the super robot FalSaber and bla bla bla (and no they're not tenagers living alone they have an adult woman that takes care of them)

After this we move to GGG headquarters where Mikono its sending a warning that a city its being attacked, and imagine where it is? bingo! its  our city, ah the luck of SRW heroes.

things begins to explode apparently the enemies wants Falsaber, Youta hear the voice of his robot and shout his name on the more classic Super Robot manner to summon and activate it.


The map its pretty simple and straightforward, 4 enemies will appear near Youta, just attack and blow them, its hard to lose because you have Yuki seishin to heal, however i noticed that for a first map, the enemies does a good clunk of damage and that's good.


after this another wave appears, Guy appears in GGG to help.

after the battle Guy reunites with Youta, apparently something will happen on this city he was send here and doubt that was just that, and he was right since the next scene show us Dr.hell.

Map 2:

Determination, The Drive to Conquer

Dr.Hell give orders to that Mazinger villain that carries his head (i never read that guy name, and Mazinger its more cool for me now since i had read a great article from a colleague about Go Nagai works.), we are greeted by Kouji,Sayaka and cia on Youta's house, the characters chat a little but not a lot since we are attacked again this time Mazinger villains.

we are joined by Mazinger Z and Sayaka (both have pretty cool animations, its really impressive probably due to the reduced cast they could afford to put that amount of work on the units), the boss arrives he will conquer the world, and bla bla bla, you know the gist of it.


this map is not a tutorial map anymore, however there's still little enemies, just go forward blowing them, GGG its practically immortal after he activates the barrier, however this map provided a challenge i almost lost 3 of my 4 units and didn't received a game over because the boss decided to attack GGG instead of any other unit on his turn.

after this he receives a call telling him to get back DR.hell wants to see him (it was hard ._.).

on Azadistan Kingdom Marina Ismail is lamenting the poor state of the world with her always confident secretary.

no screenshoots because i don't know how to take those

RE: Super Robot Wars BX Blogness - kern - 11-08-2016

Seems kind of annoying:

Also I hadn't heard BX was so bad. It seemed like UX got a good response from fans.

RE: Super Robot Wars BX Blogness - Mai - 11-08-2016

I head that BX was pretty unbalanced and that UX only problems was the lack of challenge i assume that its because BX its harder, most people don't like Impact for that reason as well, i enjoy hard SRW games so lets see how it goes.

and thanks Kern it worked

RE: Super Robot Wars BX Blogness - Mai - 11-09-2016

And here we go with more BX, this time with screenshots (they rly,rly should have add a function to let we do this easy on this thing), screens are little since i can modify their size on the PC, its better that way to make the post cleaner, also the bottom its cut, the other screen only show status and stuff

before Map 3 here my current Aces:
[Image: P5oXzio.png]

Sayaka will probably be out on this next 2 maps but its funny to have her on this i think i never had her as Ace on any game, but them again she is pretty decent on this.

Map 3:

Our characters receive a invite and to the street we go, oh we are on New York, we are here to meet a doctor that can tells us more about Falsaber and stuff, oh whatever, and also there's this GAIL company around here.

there's a character guiding us there trough the city, and before i forget Falsaber can speak and stuff, he communicate with Youta and Yuki all the time.

on GAIL building two suspect characters chat about their schemes :O

we meet arrive at the building only to have Sayaka trip into a dog, a funny faced dog, them inside the building Marina and Shirin are talking to the doctor that we are here to meet, apparently sheltered, Kouji and Sayaka and Yuki see Marina passing by and Sayaka recognizes the Princess, but our royal highness don't give us too much time of her day, but will that stop Yuki to talk to her? of course not. she approaches Marina and call her attention "MarinaSama, its you right?"

The Doctor also appears telling us that is her alright, Marina is quite tense as is her secretary, not much time to chat since a weird guy appear, he is here to kill Marina you know how it is, work. (wonder what she will do in this plot... since its trailblazer only)

following him enemies appear and begin to shoot the building and we are now on to some Ironblood Brothers action protect the princess stuff.

[Image: 0l3VfBN.png]
Here is Marina's fuck my life face.

but short after it, one of them explode and Setsuna appears on OO Raiser, he receives directions from Sumeragi to destroy those stuff, he announces his mission beginning and Marina recognizes Celestial Being, as well as of course the rest of the people there.


New York Suspense.

The map its a little different this time you have only OO Raiser, there's 12 or so enemies, however you have a pretty strong units and the enemies blow in one hit each, they have 15 to 30% of change to hit Setsuna.

BTW OO Raiser animations are completely awesome, Setsuna has like 3 cutins and the mecha has numerous ones, i'm impressed, the units its very overpowered as well, dodge a LOT and when someone hits him, there's the GN Field.

After Setsuna blow several units, more enemies appear on the side of the maps they are Macross enemies, Shirin identifies their models as AIF-M9 whatever that means, must be important, and they are faster than Setsuna on the moment and hit him, Marina its worried but worry, Guy gets his subordinates ready to deploy, a battleship let arrive with the units (pretty FAAAR from where OO Raiser is).

the objective of the mission now its not to let OO Raiser be destroyed.

its pretty hard to let OO Raiser be destroyed he is pretty powerful on this stage, and could solo it if the energy allow it, however i'm on a low turn count run, also don't let him hog all of your Xps, Sayaka and Youta need xps as well, your units are not as efficient to hit the enemies as Setsuna, also they don't blow in one hit, until your stronger weapons are ready, so just abuse Setsuna if you want, however i would assume that its safer to don't let him Hog all the xps for a reason bellow...

[Image: FZPfgPN.png]
[Image: b1ni1OW.png]

after the battle its done, our battleship returns, warning us that there's no more signals, Setsuna teleport back to Plotemaios, and don't join here (of course as i said he is pretty OP on this game apparently to join on map 3) , there he report his mission success to Sumeragi as well as Marina being safe and chat with Lockon and Feldt.

Them we get some Unicorn plot beginning, nothing important.

them we finally have our doctor and our distressed Princess back to business, we are going back to GGG headquarters, but not before a girl with pink hair that i never saw i my life appears she is called Aisha

RE: Super Robot Wars BX Blogness - Nickless One - 11-09-2016

This might not be the best game to play blind, as like in UX there is a gimmick with the secrets, but while UX's is " you can eventually get every secret through repeated playthroughs, as unlocked ones permain, and every single one adds a tiny bit to the story " BX's is " you can get every secret in a single playthrough, optional and necessary steps differ on whether you go a route or another and getting them all is needed for reaching the True Final Boss ".

RE: Super Robot Wars BX Blogness - Mattman324 - 11-09-2016

UX is the better game, but don't play it after BX, BX made so many upgrades to the general system that it's hard going in reverse.

Also anyone who says BX is one of the franchise's worst games is, in no small words, fucking dumb.

RE: Super Robot Wars BX Blogness - Mai - 11-10-2016

ssssssssssssssssWell i'm having my fun with the game Smile

Map 4:

Missing Existences

We arrive at GGG QG, there we meet all Mikono and all the characters that's been helping us with intel till now, Falsaber talks a little with Mikono that its not very surprised with talking robots at this point of her life, Youma is chating with Kouji when a girl with pink hair enters, her name is Aisha, she is with the S.M.S and she has a partner named Leon, they will be joining us on the next operation, and to space we go.

on the way FalSaber try to talk with the 2 GGG robots that don't really answer him.

Yuki is on the bridge of the ship talking to Aisha and the captain, she explains about their Valkyries, Leon pilots the Prophecy an Aisha the Excalibur, we all want to see what are like they on action right? right? and enemies do appear, Falsaber announces enemies approaching, oh we come to space to investigate some energy coming from some colony and stuff probably AGE?


well its a huge army this time, they massive outnumber you, and you have no Setsuna so i hope that GGG energy don't ends half way or those two newcomers can hold their own.

[Image: r3YQypN.png]
[Image: hK5OGdz.png]

On the next turn, the enemies reunite on some destroyed colony, and Aisha says that she think that she saw a mobile suit, them after this the enemies retreat after getting what they come search for.

but before anything a lot of Varja appears and Alto is fighting them, and Alto blows, game over for me O_o, ok i totally shall retreat Alto from there next time, ok game is great, first game over on map 4, that's a first for me.

Ok second try, of course i didn't toke the free XPs and stuff just loaded, forgot to use the quicksave so start all over again, this time i did it right.

1st don't try to fight the Varja with Alto he will blow, the Varja has shields and are fast, just use GGG and Mazinger Z everything, also Aisha have a sniper rifle that can penetrate barriers, you can use that as well, the bosses are not troublesome since we can just use the stronger weapons of everyone and finish, still annoyed about the game over.

after all its said and done Alto don't know why the Varja are attacking at all they should have stooped, Leon asks if he knew anything about that colony or what those original enemies where doing there, he didn't, but he thinks that it attracted the Varja, also we are finally near the damn colony (at this point i will be surprised if there anything left of it by the time the characters arrive)

next scene have some Gundam Age villains talking about having recovered something, fishy guys where's Asemu? gimme Asemu and Zehart game

RE: Super Robot Wars BX Blogness - Mattman324 - 11-10-2016

Ever played GC and gotten a Game Over on map 1? Always fun. Possible in Impact too, but mainly only if you play really terribly.

Alto, to me, always had this really shitty thing where he'd keep getting hit at low health, which sucks because the YF-29 is a good unit. Unfortunate that... Well, the first PV had the VF-25 he piloted, so you know shenanigans are coming.

Also Leon and Aisha are both amazing. Leon's ok for now, but when he upgrades... Well, you'll see. Aisha partners near perfectly with God Raijin-Oh and pretty well with King J-Der, and is pretty damn solid too.

RE: Super Robot Wars BX Blogness - thebigb - 11-10-2016

(11-10-2016, 07:30 AM)Mattman324 Wrote: Ever played GC and gotten a Game Over on map 1? Always fun. Possible in Impact too, but mainly only if you play really terribly.

Alto, to me, always had this really shitty thing where he'd keep getting hit at low health, which sucks because the YF-29 is a good unit. Unfortunate that... Well, the first PV had the VF-25 he piloted, so you know shenanigans are coming.

Also Leon and Aisha are both amazing. Leon's ok for now, but when he upgrades... Well, you'll see. Aisha partners near perfectly with God Raijin-Oh and pretty well with King J-Der, and is pretty damn solid too.

Alpha 2 Ibis route. Very easy to get a Stage 1 Game Over.

Alto has never once being a good unit in any SRW game show far, all the other Froniter units have just been better.
During my under 100 turn run of Z2.2. I deployed all the Frontier unit's and expect for Alto... One day he will get MC unit treatment.

Aisha tends to be on everyone top 3 Ace pilots, at the end game.

RE: Super Robot Wars BX Blogness - Mai - 11-10-2016

Yeah for now Alto underperformed, but i might have a better look at it, it was big number of enemies, also his attacks where not that impressive, but at least his range is great.

i liked Aisha and Leon, and strange as it sounds Aisha can refill energy but she is pretty good for fighting as well, i loved their theme.

Impact Map 1 was troll, it had those underwater Gundam enemies that you can't do much damage but they can! lol