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Random Talk (Whenever In Doubt) - Vincent - 03-06-2016

Everything goes in this topic , whenever you're not certain of where to post or can't decide on a topic title or even just to blow some steams , this is the Place to go .

Anyway ,

Where does everyone hang on the net (I mea beside SRWG-W of course)?!!!! I hate it when something goes wrong(God Forbid that ever happen again) and we can't get in touch with each other.

I wanted to do this in the last board but didn't get the chance, whoever have the same concerns, please drop me your contact information to my PM.

Also, I wou suggest everyone that changed his username leaving a post here or writing something in their user page.

RE: Random Talk (Whenever I'm doubt) - DairuggerXV - 03-06-2016

This is the only place that I routinely hang, the best way to get a hold of me would be through trillian or AIM, both use the same screen name: VVoltronSV. DairuggerXV was already taken there it seems.

RE: Random Talk (Whenever I'm doubt) - Andy Chan - 03-06-2016

That's... a very big font.  Eye catching for sure.

Well, this is a place I call home. I visit everyday, even leave it in a tab whenever I browse at work.
I also have an account in Koeiwarriors, but I rarely visit that place nowadays.
And then there's my YouTube...

RE: Random Talk (Whenever I'm doubt) - Daba Myroad - 03-06-2016

I'm visible on Instagram and hunt for SD action figures and Funko Pops at 1999, BBTS, etc. I also hang out with my actor/singer friends when they wanna talk about their online videos. Boota recently starred in a movie and I watched it with him together recently. Man how our lives changed drastically in a span of 15 years.

RE: Random Talk (Whenever I'm doubt) - Andy Chan - 03-06-2016

Wait, Boota starred in a MOVIE? What's the title, Daba?

RE: Random Talk (Whenever I'm doubt) - Vincent - 03-07-2016

Yeah, definitely gonna watch that.

RE: Random Talk (Whenever In Doubt) - Bass GS - 03-08-2016

Is anyone else here besides me sick?

RE: Random Talk (Whenever In Doubt) - Andy Chan - 03-08-2016

Why are you sick anyway?

Finally got my sig and avatar back. Had to regrab them from Koeiwarriors.
Too bad the signature system here doesn't allow more than 255 characters. Tongue

RE: Random Talk (Whenever In Doubt) - Daba Myroad - 03-11-2016

Boota starred in 存在者 Sonzaisha. Filipino title "Nilalang" which means "entity". It's a movie that served as Maria Ozawa's acting debut here in the Philippines. Boota played as a Samurai who actually spoke archaic Japanese lines in the prologue of the film, and he did all his swordfights and stunts himself. He also has a channel that stars him on action shorts. This isn't his 1st film. He also starred a minor role in "Muslim Magnum" last year.

Which reminds me. I need to re-invite Boota back to SRWG.

RE: Random Talk (Whenever In Doubt) - Andy Chan - 03-11-2016

That's very cool! Please invite Boota back. Big Grin