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  OG2 Hacking tools?
Posted by: Cybuster - 06-25-2016, 09:59 PM - Forum: Super Robot Wars - No Replies

I was wondering if anyone had hacking tools for OG2? I was planning on making an English version of Ver.A, the hack that switches Axel and Lamia's places in the story. I tried using the few tools TSK offers over at but most of them seem to be working incorrectly, at least for me. So I was wondering if anyone here had tools, or knows how to use these ones properly? Thanks!

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  Support Coins
Posted by: Mai - 06-24-2016, 10:26 PM - Forum: Super Robot Wars X-Ω - Replies (66)

All the new support coins will go here

Hope you didn't sold Tieria's and Anew support coin because they changed their effects after the event.

Coin name: Clothes that disguise the identity
SSR ~ Tieria Erde 
Effect ~ Accuracy up, Evasion up
[Image: NFSW6CM.png]

If you have a annoying enemy that you can't hit, and you unit can't really dodge well at all, but should, dmg up coins don't metter if you can't hit the enemy, use this on those situations (Why people are not using hit rare up coins on this event? Huh  equip them its a pain to hit the enemies whiteout them)

Coin name: Toughs of seduction
SR ~ Anew Returner
Effect ~ If the hp of the battleship is full, Accuracy up and Large attack up
[Image: Z13CbE6.png]

I believe that its one of the best SR coins of the game, there's not a "accuracy status" on X-Omega but there's a "mobility" one that make the units dodge, this coin that help you hit dodgy enemies whiteout relying on seishins to do it, however make sure that you protect you battleship from the enemies attacks, and their hisatsus.

Coin name: Wish for peace of the princess
SR ~ Marina Ismail
Effect ~ Equip it on a shooter for a large critical rate up.
[Image: bvb2SxU.png]

Basically a weaker version of  Lacus, no real reason to use it save it to combo with the new critical up part, or if you don't have Lacus.

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  Past Event: OG Moon Dwellers
Posted by: Mai - 06-23-2016, 04:09 AM - Forum: Super Robot Wars X-Ω - Replies (56)

The next event begins 24 go till the day of release of Moon Dwellers, day 30th, the reward unit is Granteed piloted by Towa, the unit its a defender

[Image: IkbrGAp.jpg]

we will also be getting a original storyline, Calvina is probably the gatcha unit.

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  Legit games on Bootleg OS, can I play online?
Posted by: Oggy Ten - 06-22-2016, 08:18 PM - Forum: Game Channel - Replies (2)

Since Tekken 7 will be available for pc next year and I have never purchased a legit PC sofware my entire life. Except for the time I was given a branded american pc back in the 90's. It had games come with the package. I didn't buy it though......... I'm worried about my OS. Anybody have experience with the matter?
Tekken 7 may be the first legit pc software I'm willing to scrounge money for but well, still depends on financial conditions here... But just in case, hence, topic =)

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  Past Event: SSR Dunbine and SSR Billbine!
Posted by: Orochi Kusanagi - 06-20-2016, 02:09 PM - Forum: Super Robot Wars X-Ω - Replies (20)

Discuss the event here!

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  General questions
Posted by: Orochi Kusanagi - 06-20-2016, 01:47 PM - Forum: Super Robot Wars X-Ω - Replies (690)

Have a question about the game? Need a translation of a skill? Ask it here.

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  Post your friend IDs here!
Posted by: Orochi Kusanagi - 06-20-2016, 01:46 PM - Forum: Super Robot Wars X-Ω - Replies (55)

Post them here.

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  Unit Review thread
Posted by: Orochi Kusanagi - 06-20-2016, 01:45 PM - Forum: Super Robot Wars X-Ω - Replies (367)

Post your unit reviews here. They will be linked in this first post for easy access.

SSR 00 Raiser (Shooter)
SSR Arios Gundam (Shooter)
SSR Dix-Neuf (Defender)
SSR Eva Unit 00 (Attacker) (Summer Rei)
SSR Freedom Gundam (Attacker)
SSR Gawain (Attacker) (Summer C.C.)
SSR Getter 1 (Attacker) (Taiki)
SSR Getter Dragon (Attacker)
SSR Guren Nishiki (Shooter) (Summer Kallen)
SSR Granteed (Defender)
SSR Heinhelm (Attacker) (Olive)
SSR Heinhelm (Shooter) (Catalina)
SSR ARX-8 Laevatein (Shooter)
SSR Lancelot Frontier (Attacker) Arena Info
SSR Mazinger Z JS (Defender)
SSR Nirvash Type TheEnd (Attacker)
SSR Seravee Gundam (Shooter)
SSR Tallgeese III (Shooter)
SSR Wing Zero Custom (Shooter)
SSR Yoko M Tank (Shooter)
SSR Zegapain (Shooter) (Summer Ryoko)
SSR Zeta Gundam (Shooter)

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  New subforum!
Posted by: Orochi Kusanagi - 06-20-2016, 01:44 PM - Forum: Super Robot Wars X-Ω - Replies (5)

Okay guys, we have a new subforum for the game. Here are the types of rules that we should be following:

-general question thread
-a unit review thread (with the master list in the main post)
-current event discussion
-friend id thread

Of course topics/general discussion threads could be made too, but the threads above will be the pinned threads.

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  NieR: Automata Gameplay Video
Posted by: Andy Chan - 06-16-2016, 10:53 AM - Forum: Game Channel - Replies (33)

Remember Drankegard? Remember NieR? Yoko Taro?

NieR: Automata is the sequel to NieR, but the game is now developed by Platinum Games.
Currently under development, the game is exclusive for PlayStation 4 and set in the same world as NieR.

Set an unknown time after the events of Nier, the story revolves around a war between the remnants of humanity and the machine army of invaders from another world. The initial invasion forced humanity to flee to the Moon.

The main protagonists are combat androids dubbed "YoRHa" sent by humanity to fight the invaders in a proxy war. While denied emotions and lacking true names, they have particular attitudes that distinguish them from their fellows.

The main protagonist is YoRHa No. 2 Model B, or "2B" for short, a female-model YoRHa android whose main traits are being calm and composed. Other main characters are "9S" (YoRHa No. 9 Model S), a reconnaissance android who displays more emotion than other YoRHa units; and "A2" (YoRHa Model A No. 2), an obsolete prototype android of 2B's line with a taciturn personality who often chooses to act alone.

Gameplay video!

The game looked lovely! I myself hadn't got the chance to actually play NieR, but looking at the gameplay video, I think I'll like it. Game will be released early 2017.

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