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  Great Mazinger to be released on DVD by Discotek in March
Posted by: Vincent - 02-21-2018, 07:49 PM - Forum: Tokyo Jupiter - No Replies

[Image: 26229826_1954277127934705_73633635729784...e=5B1D2157]

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  Late Collab post because Mai's was busy: "Into the Ilusion" (Index + Lancerlion)
Posted by: Mai - 02-15-2018, 01:50 AM - Forum: Super Robot Wars X-Ω - Replies (35)

[Image: NOlVAFJ.png]

Virtual On its finally here, and they brought with them, Lancerlion a new debut to SRW, All the Virtual On/Index units are limited to the collab event, lets hit it since time its too precious.

"In the School city that many ESP gather together,  a new competitive game is getting really popular called Virtual on Machine.

Toma Kamijo also enjoyed this game a lot, suddenly on a day he was on a practice match against Index and is absorbed by the game!

now in another world that its solely virtual, with people that also are virtual he have new encounters"

Mission starts on:

15/02/2018 ~ 16:00 (JP time)

New Units:

Touma and Temjin 707 (voiced)
[Image: vMjf8jh.png]
Mikoto Misaka and Raiden (voiced)
[Image: Ux5y0Ze.png]
Index and BAL RLoon (voiced)
[Image: 9nup4Qr.png]
Kuroko Shirai and Night Fei Yen
[Image: alI6jZx.png]
Accelerator and something ugly
[Image: asGyXEZ.png]
[Image: 4RvMZz5.png]

Reward Unit:

Index (unconfirmed)

Login unit:

SR Tetsujin 707

Remember to get your last Video ticket today, you should have 14 of them for trade for a event unit latter during the event, lucky they will allow us to choose who we want.

and remember to take it easy and healthy, good riddance!

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  Mobile suit Gundam: Extreme Vs 2 (arcades)
Posted by: Mai - 02-10-2018, 11:30 PM - Forum: Game Channel - Replies (1)

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  Valentines Story: Idol Asahi
Posted by: Mai - 02-07-2018, 07:28 PM - Forum: Super Robot Wars X-Ω - Replies (29)

[Image: TYvZeYT.jpg]

"With the peace times we decided to get back to school after all we didn't finished yet, however it was a selected school since some of us are very well know, i was exited to meet new people!

but somehow everyone seems to be having problems doing this, but i decided i will solve everything i know how, when i was a kid i passed days watching Idols tv shows and reading magazines!"

Walfare unit: unknow

New leaked character art

Shatte and Honkers:
[Image: 7VGZ1Tp.jpg]

Luna, smug Tchyco and Yoko
[Image: L2EjCkg.jpg]

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  How to tranfer and save all your SRWXO data with no download
Posted by: Mai - 02-04-2018, 07:42 PM - Forum: Super Robot Wars X-Ω - No Replies


~~ Transfering between devices without downloading data again
~~ Backing up your save on a SD/card/pendrive

[Image: BJ4VXbH.png]

~~ Get yourself a rooted device (sincerely there's no point in not be rooted if you own a smart phone these days)
~~ Now you need to go into google play store and search for a App named "Titanium Backup" download it.
~~ Have a file manager on your device if you lack any get IS Explorer from google play store

Step 1:

Open Titanum backup and select "SRWXOMG" and "back up" wait if to end, the App you make a a back up .rar of your game along two other files on the "titanum backup".

use your file menager go into "Titanum backup" there the 3 files will be found, get them out and save them on a SD card/Pen drive, whatever you want"

Step 2:

Lets suppose you got a new phone but don't want to have all the trouble to download the game again, install Titanum backup, get the files that you saved on file menager->Titanium backup and take them out of the .rar

Step 3:

open Titanium back up select SRWXOMG and click on "restore App + data"

done, now you can transfer your game without having to download it again

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  Dreams English cover (Gundam X opening) (Ft. Caroline Gordon)
Posted by: mynameissport - 02-03-2018, 04:43 AM - Forum: Creative Arts - Replies (1)

Herewith Caroline Gordon's English cover of Dreams taken from Gundam X and produced by myself.

Viewable video below

Link to view -

Used as the 1st opening from the 1996 anime. This was one of my projects left on the sidelines and a last minute one so I ended up doing it quickly to get it released. It was also removed from the backlog of song that I had produced.

Comments and feedback are welcome


Vocals and audio mixing: Caroline Gordon -
English lyrics: Spiral -
Producer, subtitles, basic video editing etc.: mynameissport (AJ)  -

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  Gundam Build Divers
Posted by: Bass GS - 02-02-2018, 11:50 PM - Forum: Tokyo Jupiter - Replies (5)

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  70s/80s Super Robot Shows
Posted by: Dougtron - 01-30-2018, 09:45 AM - Forum: Tokyo Jupiter - Replies (34)

So I've seen a good majority of the shows included in SRW aside from a lot of the 70s and 80s Super Robot shows and wanted to know if any of them are worth watch some 50+ episodes. It generally seems like they are included in SRW so you have some space baddies to fight and the plot never seems very involved. Stuff like Mazinger and Getter Robo seems like if you know the premise of the show then you are set.

I watched all 64 episodes of Godmars and after that I'm less than enthused to commit to another series like that. I did however enjoy Zambot 3. I've thought about watching Daitarn 3. Just wanted some opinions.

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  Taipei Game Show: Stage 2 Shown.
Posted by: Mattman324 - 01-27-2018, 08:00 PM - Forum: Super Robot Wars X - Replies (3)

Spoilers, obviously, for Stage 2, but much like with V, they’ve decided to show off a version of the second stage.  See here.

Spoiler Show
Shou is already around, so either Stage 1 compresses the first few Dunbine episodes or we’re skipping past the “Shou works for Drake” bits.

Ryujinmaru’s debut, also Senjinmaru shows up, I guess because they felt like holding it back a stage or two was dumb.  (To be fair, it is.)

Animations look alright to good, which is nice since these are all new.

But I think the standouts are those lovely Dunbine Tobu and STEP remixes, unf.  Sounds fucking amazing.  Ryujinmaru’s summoning theme is also in, and is pretty much just from the show.  Also the entire summoning sequence is ripped from the show, ha.

EDIT:  Two more videos have surfaced.  One is just a reairing of PV1, but the more notable one is pizza butt.

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  Places to pre-order Asian region games that AREN'T Play Asia
Posted by: Kicksville - 01-24-2018, 01:37 AM - Forum: Game Channel - Replies (5)

Does this topic title sound familiar? Because I am pretty sure I asked the same thing on the old boards. Which are now gone. And I errr uhh forgot what the results were. Oops!

Anyway, for the sake of options (and because in general I haven't had the best experiences with them), I am wondering if there's anywhere else aside from Play Asia to pre-order Asian versions of games with, obviously, English language editions of stuff in mind, like the upcoming Super Robot Wars X, Full Metal Panic game, etc.

Now, after the games are out, you can find them at places like eBay, Amazon, etc. I know some sellers do pseudo pre-orders on some items on eBay, but I haven't found any for these. I thought I remembered coming up, but they only have Chinese and Japanese versions.

Failing that, it would also be nice to know any other places that allow PSN currency to be purchased from relevant regions the English languages versions could be bought from digitally, hopefully at a fair mark up.

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