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  Cobra Kai
Posted by: thebigb - 05-03-2018, 11:33 PM - Forum: The Nickelodeon - Replies (2)

This is good.
I went so far and got Youtube Red.

This is how you do a sequel. 

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  Hilda Event: A Girl and Mercy, the great Hilda debut event.
Posted by: Mai - 04-29-2018, 10:24 PM - Forum: Super Robot Wars X-Ω - Replies (30)

[Image: K6rIPUg.jpg]

"A New member join Celestial Being, Neena Trinity and with her her two brothers, they joined forces on armed interventions of minor scale, however the world is changing, their roles are over and so Johhan and Michael where scattered by the life.

as death appears to envelop the body of Neena Trinity she can hear a song calling for her on a distant world"

New units:

The Great Hilda: (Reward unit)

[Image: At7yY4k.png]

Her Lover: (30  OMG unit)

[Image: RgogIXr.png]

Event Base Gacha:

Her Lizard Rival:

[Image: 3b0coLQ.png]

The Girl that leapt trough the cross gate: (some say she is already a zombie but don't say it to her)

[Image: Xibc30M.png]

I don't have a joke for him, Omega Chou:

[Image: Z99VmQh.png]

Hilda - Free attacker with very high attack output according to the preview on official site
Ange - unknow
Lizard - unknown
Neena - Support unit, her hisatsu gives attack and dodge up, its area based.
Omega Chou - unknow

Remember if you want Honoka or another of the leaked units you already know what is coming now.

The Step Up event banner (learning on what you're going into)

  Different from usual gacha games the SRW works differently, there's various gacha formats, and majority of them gives you the new unit guaranteed after using the banner, the Newcommer one,the Solis ones, the mid month one, all gives you guaranteed units from using them, the Step Up however don't follow this rule...

While step up banners are followed by a 30 OMG unit 100% guaranteed (on this case the shooter Ange)

the actual step ups don't guarantee you anything, remember this, using all the steps will not guarantee you the units, this is the only gacha on this game that this can happen, so use your OMGS with care, if you totally love one of the units, there's two approach:

1 - pray for the daily free roll.
2 - get the guaranteed 30 OMG unit and expect to get some other unit along with it (that's what majority of us do)

these two methods don't make you waste anything, you are always getting units, or wasting nothing, if you want to try for the Omega Unit, or Neena on this case you have to use the normal step up, this costs 111 OMGS and can give you nothing in return or the unit that you don't want.

overall best luck to us!

and remember when you try to get Neena and end up with a Lizard, this is Hilda event and like she says herself:
[Image: 3CAIHw1.jpg]

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  Current EX Gacha
Posted by: Mngalahad - 04-29-2018, 12:59 PM - Forum: Super Robot Wars X-Ω - Replies (2)

I see some pretty good taiki in the line up but I was wondering, are EX tickets used for possibly getting past event units when they are brought back?

like, if by some miracle, the Robot Girls Z are brought back, can I use an EX ticket on that gacha or it will probably be some other (like GT tickets or chips)?

For the most part, those mazinger related units are all I want so If the resources I have can't be used to get them, I might as well try to get the strongest unit.

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  Raid Event
Posted by: Mngalahad - 04-28-2018, 06:07 AM - Forum: Super Robot Wars X-Ω - Replies (11)

What do they do? How do I do something on them? I checked ryoga's channel but couldn't find a video on it.

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  Sites like Simulation Chamber
Posted by: DragoEnovy09 - 04-27-2018, 03:16 AM - Forum: Briefing Room - Replies (1)

Do you guys know of any site like Simulation Chamber?  Here's a description of it from an old version of its boards:

"The Simulation Chambertm or SimChambertm for short, is an online, textual-mathematical RPG that emulates the schematics, elements and essences of the Super Robot Wars and SD Gundam G Generation games.

Throughout the RPG, gamers (hereby referred to as "pilots") will get the chance to use their favorite mechs, complimented with their abilities, along with the many loads of Pilot Classes available to make powerful and deadly combinations. In the SimChamber, the possibilites are almost endless.

The SimChamber is a turn-based RPG. In other words, pilots have to wait for others to finish their turns in order to proceed to his. However, some rules are implemented to make sure that the waiting does not affect the fights in a monumental way. In this overview, you will be introduced the many sectors that the SimChamber utilizes, and the many objects that each pilot must learn in order to survive."

It also did a lot of custom made machines for either various canon shows like Gundam F91 or Aura Battler Dunbine or creating a whole new series (the site calls them MechDev Machines).

Here's a link if anybody is curious:

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  Yakuza 3, 4 and 5 possible on PS4 if there's enough demand!
Posted by: Andy Chan - 04-26-2018, 10:11 AM - Forum: Game Channel - Replies (30)

Since we're getting Kiwami 2 (already got 0, Kiwami 1 and 6 on PS4), this will complete the Yakuza collection in one console. Well, except those gaidens like Ishin and Dead Souls.

Now the question is, WHERE DO I DEMAND THEM?

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  Yahoo + Oath = Data Breach
Posted by: Andy Chan - 04-24-2018, 10:19 AM - Forum: Briefing Room - Replies (3)

So when you log in to Yahoo today, you'll have to accept the new terms. A term which is kinda iffy, I might say.

[Image: Da_W87JU8AAejSU?format=jpg]

This is unacceptable, yet you have to accept it, or they'll hold your email hostage.

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  So I played God of War for the PS4
Posted by: ryoga316 - 04-24-2018, 12:12 AM - Forum: Game Channel - Replies (9)

Long story short. Decided to start the game in Hard Mode, as that's how I always play in every God of War game I get my hands on. I was not ready for how brutal that mode is when I realized it took me a full 30 minutes just to clear my first battle. By the time I finished the Tutorial and got to the game's open-world segment, 12 hours have literally passed.

Basically if you want to have a lot of fun with the game, do it under Easy or Normal. Do NOT go for Hard, or god forbid, God of War Mode unless you're among the so called 'leets'.

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Posted by: DragoEnovy09 - 04-23-2018, 02:56 AM - Forum: Tokyo Jupiter - No Replies

This is somewhat different from what I've linked to in the past, but I've found an Italian site stuffed to the brim with data on various Super Robots.  If you can read Italian or are able to run it through a translator, have a go at it:

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  R+ Units, Conquest Mode Tickets and start up tickets
Posted by: Mngalahad - 04-22-2018, 01:22 PM - Forum: Super Robot Wars X-Ω - Replies (8)

Hey, what do R+Units do?

I read on the wikia that if I level them up to 40 and then use cells on them (the colourful plates from the daily events, I assume) They will become SSR units. one question though. I see that in order to get one, I have to exchange a thing that looks like 3 hexagons. How often do you get those? Should I keep it until a good robot shows up?

And about conquest mode tickets, I think it says that it goes from april 8th until may 8th. but when I see the gaccha for those tickets, there's an option with a number under it. I dont know if it means that there are that many days left or something but, Does the line up from the conquest mode change during the event?

like, if i dont like the ssr units that it offers, can I wait a few days and see them change?

And finally, what are the start up tickets? I have 10 right now but I dont remember how I got them or if I should save them up for a new line up or something. Plese, send help Sad

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