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  A New Langrisser ?!
Posted by: Vincent - 08-09-2018, 04:49 PM - Forum: Game Channel - Replies (6)

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  Collab Event with Junnshiki Pandora: Overlaping World
Posted by: Mai - 08-08-2018, 08:07 PM - Forum: Super Robot Wars X-Ω - Replies (51)

[Image: dQLYLU1.png]

What is Junnshiki Pandora:

Junnshiki Pandora is currently airing on Netflix its a mech series, done by the producer of the Aquarion series, with a lot of the cast already being involved in past mech works, you can watch all the episodes that aired on netflix.

The series tell the story of a researcher named Leon Lau and his sister Chloe is a post apocalyptic scenario.

Reward Units:

Leon's MOV (defender taiki)
[Image: Pf8zGWI.png]
~ For this first time they will give you a lvl 80 Taiki out of a event, Leon's unit will be compeltely farmable,to level 80

Queenie MOV  (Attacker)
[Image: FIYOedR.png]
~ Also a event unit, that you can farm to lvl 80.

this means that if the only thing that you want from this is the collab units they are both acquired via playing the event.

Banner units (translation by Sousuke Sagara):

Nirvash type ZERO spec 3 (Attacker)
Determined to live together
Normal: If HP is 2/3 or above, gain bonus in evasion, attack (L) and critical (L).
Arena: Gain bonus in attack, 65% bonus in critical damage, hit-rate and evasion bonus by 180%. Increase action gauge speed by 1200.

Bridge between Humans and Scubs
Normal: Start with 2 attacker cores at beginning of battle.
Arena: At beginning of turn, recovery full HP and gain 3 rainbow cores.

The light named Hope
Normal: Allies gain bonus in critical, evasion and movement speed (L).
Arena: At beginning of turn, allies gain bonus in 5% bonus in attack, hit-rate and evasion. Increase action gauge speed by 50.

Wish upon a star
Normal: Always recover HP.
Arena: If HP is 1/10 or more, up to 7 times can withstand fatal damage with remaining HP 10%.

EX Ability (arena)
Mind Charge Lv.2
Reduce spirit command skill cooldown by 2 turns.

Immovable Lv. 3
Immune to status effects and action gauge reduction.

Qubeley Ω (Fighter)
Hates in the dark
Normal: Gain bonus in attack (L), hit-rate and movement speed (L).
Arena: Gain bonus in attack, 30% critical rate, hit-rate and evasion bonus by 150%. Increase action gauge speed by 1000. Start with additional 20000 HP.

Flexible Binder
Normal: Critical up (L), attack speed up.
Arena: Arena: If HP is 1/3 or more, up to 3 times can withstand fatal damage with remaining HP 10%.

Normal: Attacks can pierce barriers and ignore guard.
Arena: If finisher deals a critical, recover HP 10%, reduce enemy action gauge by 50% and gain 80% chance to earn a rainbow core.

Symbol of Neo Zeon
Normal: Allies gain bonus in attack, evasion and movement speed (L).
Arena: Haman and adjacent allies to it will gain bonus in hit-rate, evasion by 40%. Increase action gauge speed by 400 and be immune to action gauge reduction.

EX Ability (arena)
Blaster Resistance Lv.1
50% damage reduction against Blaster types.

Qubeley mk. 2 (Blaster) [Elpeo Ple custom] [Taiki]
Black Qubeley
Normal: Immune to finisher seal and spirit command seal.
Arena: At start of turn, ally with the lowest HP will recover 30% HP.

I am not the type that can fight
Normal: Normal attacks can ignore guard and apply blind (M).
Arena: Gain 50% critical bonus, 100% hit-rate bonus, 150% evasion bonus. Increase action gauge speed by 1100.

Puru Puru Puru~
Normal: Every time you hit a foe, gain bonus in attack, evasion and hit-rate.
Arena: Gain 80% chance to earn a rainbow core if finisher hits.

Love for Judau
Normal: Gain bonus in attack (L) for foes with status effects.
Arena: Ple and any ally behind it will gain 40% critical bonus, 60% evasion bonus, increase action gauge speed by 300 and gain 10% damage reduction.

EX Ability (arena)
Mind Charge Lv.2
Reduce spirit command skill cooldown by 2 turns.

Qubeley mk. 2 (Attacker) [Ple 2 custom] [Taiki]
Red Qubeley
Normal: Attack up (L), hit-rate up, movement speed up.
Arena: Gain 40% critical damage bonus, 150% bonus in hit-rate, 120% bonus in evasion.

How to fight intensely
Normal: Immune to burn, slow, blind and stun.
Arena: Start with 1 attacker core at the beginning of battle.

Another Ple
Normal: If HP is 4/5 or less. Gain bonus in attack, evasion (L), critical and hit-rate (L). Increase action gauge speed by 1000
Arena: Gain 100% attack bonus for foes affected with status effects.

Thought for Judah
Normal: Normal have a chance to apply burn (M).
Arena: Ple 2 and adjacent allies will gain 30% critical damage, 50% hit-rate bonus, increase action gauge speed by 300 and gain 10% damage reduction.

EX Ability (arena)
Mind Charge Lv.2
Reduce spirit command skill cooldown by 2 turns.


Good luck Smile

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  Know any Banpresto Original combining mecha, outside of just the SRX?
Posted by: WildeHopps_Shipper - 08-08-2018, 01:44 AM - Forum: Super Robot Wars - Replies (6)

Right now, there are too many Super Robot Wars games for me to look up which Banpresto Original mecha are combining mecha, and which ones aren't.  I also tried TV Tropes, from the Combining Mecha page to the Related page for combining mecha, and even then it would take me much longer than necessary to do so.

So does anyone know, off the top of their heads, any Banpresto Original combining mecha outside of just the R-series units and their combined SRX form?

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  Burning PT! (Bob Event)
Posted by: Mai - 07-30-2018, 06:56 PM - Forum: Super Robot Wars X-Ω - Replies (13)

[Image: aoItYxc.jpg]

"The great Bob has come to summer..

One day on the summer the pilots of the Hagane where asked to participate on a game that's fairly popular rivaling other popular VR games called Burning PT, a exhibition match should be held, however what was a normal game turned into a battle for the prizes as the reward greatly interested the participants, we are back on the virtual space (Index collab world) for the tournament!


Fight Burning Personal Trooper!"

OG Pilots of Hagane that we didn't saw yet on the mobage:

Pizza Boy

another more possible thing:

Omega Alt Eisen
Summer Excellen and Kusuha

Reward unit:

Bob on Daizengar

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  The apparent lack of Super Sentai mecha
Posted by: WildeHopps_Shipper - 07-27-2018, 08:50 PM - Forum: Super Robot Wars - Replies (5)

I know we already got Daizyujin from Zyuranger appearing in SRW X-Omega.  But even then, X-Omega is a free-to-play mobile game, and Daizyujin was just released for a one-time event only.

So why haven't we seen any actual Super Sentai mecha in Super Robot Wars, outside of the fact that Super Sentai is tokusatsu, compared to the majority of mecha in the SRW series so far coming from anime?  The majority of them save for the Battle Fever Robo and Denziman's DaiDenzin are combining mecha, and SRW could need some more combining mecha outside of just Getter Robo, Combattler V, and Voltes V, all the way up to Gurren Lagann.

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  Say that SRW featured character classes for each and every mecha
Posted by: WildeHopps_Shipper - 07-26-2018, 07:29 PM - Forum: Super Robot Wars - Replies (9)

What do you think they would be, and why?

In my case, it's the following:

  • Melee/CQB (e.g. RX-78-2 Gundam, Mobile Suit Gundam)
  • Ranged/Sniping (e.g. the Scopedog, Armored Trooper VOTOMS)
  • Heavy Siege (e.g. Ideon, Space Runaway Ideon)
  • Light Scout (e.g. Nirvash TypeZERO, Eureka Seven)
  • Engineer/Support (e.g. the numerous battleships)

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  The SRX team and what they represent to me
Posted by: WildeHopps_Shipper - 07-24-2018, 05:43 PM - Forum: Super Robot Wars - Replies (7)

To me, if the Grungust and Huckebein represent Super and Real Robots solo, then the SRX and its R-series components would have represented Super and Real Robots in groups.

Some of the first mecha teams from the 70s were primarily, if not all the time, combining mecha (except for Blocker Gundan IV Machine Blaster at the time), and the two that popularized the five-man band combining mecha, at least in Japan, include Combattler V and Voltes V.  As for western combining mecha, we got Voltron and the Megazord, representing five-piece combining mecha at their best, at least for us North Americans.

But then we transition over from the Super Robot genre to the Real Robot genre, where all of a sudden, from Gundam to Macross to VOTOMS, mecha teams no longer have any ability to combine with each other.  Instead, they just specialize in different weapons, armor, and equipment to help compliment each other, e.g. melee, sniping, siege, recon, and engineering/support.  For example, between 2011 and 2013, we eventually got Majestic Prince's Team Rabbits AHSMB units, all of them real robots, yet consisting of two melee units, a radar unit, a high-speed siege unit, and a sniper unit.

And that's what the SRX unit and its individual R-series components would have represented in Shin Super Robot Wars and Super Robot Wars Alpha, as well as just the SRW series as a whole.  As the real robot R-series units, the three of them specialized in different combat roles based on their weapons and armor, including a transforming melee unit, a siege artillery unit, and a sniper support unit.  But once they combine with each other to form the SRX, that's when they go from three real robots to one full-on combining super robot.

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  Idola: Phantasy Star Saga Announced
Posted by: Andy Chan - 07-24-2018, 04:03 PM - Forum: Game Channel - Replies (15)

[Image: idola-phantasy-star-sbqe6x.jpg]

It's mobile, and it REALLY looked like FGO ripoff. What are you doing, SEGA?

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  Digimon Survive
Posted by: Top Nep - 07-18-2018, 10:52 PM - Forum: Game Channel - Replies (10)

In before Metal Gear joke

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  Mazinger-Zero Event Translation
Posted by: Mai - 07-18-2018, 12:06 AM - Forum: Super Robot Wars X-Ω - Replies (6)


~~ Deep Space ~~

Frontal is declaring to Banhager how the world will change, the La Place box has been opened but it still not enough for him, he want to foresee the changes, he wants to abandon the convention of the universal century and build something new with it, a very furious Rhidee intersects saying that he know nothing about what's going to happen from now on, or what the  box will do, Frontal power up his psycho field that destroys Banshee Norm weapons, Banagher tries to rush but is useless, Frontal know how to deal with the NTD system he been analyzing it al this time, since he made Marida fight Banagher, till this day, he knows that this unit relies totally on it, Rhidee call him a fake what don't really respond too, as  Banagher unit begins to be tossed around Daltainas pilot begins charging his magical sword.

  Frontal find the energy that the sword generates intriguing he don't know what is that, the energy of the sword intersects with the psychofield creating a hole in the space, everyone is sucked by it, all the armies and forces and no traces whare left....

~~~ Destroyed City (parallel verse) ~~~~~~

Banagher regains conscience as he look around where he is, they debate where they are...since even after the empire invaded and after all the wars that they fought the air was not that bad to breath, and the view of the place was not so bad Banagher says that almost nothing organic is near.. when Frontal smiles talking that they have company

a black giant of steel approach us
[Image: 59V7fcZ.png]

Mazinger Zero declares hate on all the living organisms, Mineva X appears right after, she declares that ZERO and the photon rays probably called them from other universe, and maybe they will be welcome.... maybe...

~~ Battle ~~

They can't beat ZERO, and also can't understand it, Mineva X say that they are the only hope of this place since they come from the outside world, they can probably intersect with ZERO, on this place, the world already ended and there's nothing much more that they can do , the giant prepares to murder Mineva X when Kouji wakes up inside it making it stop moving, on that moment the woman is surprised by Kouji already being conscious

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