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  It Finally Happens Terada is playable on X-OMG (Terada Event and some lame gundam)
Posted by: Mai - 05-14-2019, 10:07 PM - Forum: Super Robot Wars X-Ω - Replies (8)

a New event to commemorate the new Terada manga, where Terada and his crew use their UC mech to invade earth, suddenly Hinata's family dissapear and our frog hero have to take it back!
[Image: IXhaD3Z.jpg]

Since there's also some unimportant Gundam show that no one cares about in face of the great Frog, but them again i suppose i should translate.... maybe one or two people cares who knows....

"A Journey to transcend the parallel world"

I'm Terada Gunso, sometimes there are things that you have to give up on.. like you favorite mech design even if its because you're under pressure you always worry about your unit formation.

But more importantly! Finally its time to enter the gundam world! and other worlds too of course.

Reward Unit: Some Lame Gundam that's not Keroro

There's a twitter campaign going on, go there and hit it with all your might use all those bots that you have to give likes on your own posts of your social media to like it too, so we can get the rewards and maybe a free Terada Robo


And always remember the gacha is merciless and cruel, and why they are buffing 50 old years units now? do anyone still even use those ?

see you all when the event starts

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  SRW 4 Koma
Posted by: Andy Chan - 05-13-2019, 04:10 PM - Forum: Super Robot Wars - Replies (9)

Any of you guys still keep the complete dra-mata translated SRW 4 komas?
Mine's not complete, and I wonder if there's a repository somewhere, or if someone is kind enough to upload it somewhere.

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  Final Fantasy VII Re
Posted by: Top Nep - 05-10-2019, 06:35 AM - Forum: Game Channel - No Replies

Sony got so much flak  the last time they had to bring out a game people actually cared about in their Sontendo Directo tonight.

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  Detective Pikachu
Posted by: Top Nep - 05-08-2019, 11:34 AM - Forum: The Nickelodeon - Replies (3)

Holy shit, Ryan Reynolds put THE ENTIRE MOVIE ON YOUTUBE

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  "Love" Gun vs Sword Event Translation
Posted by: Mai - 05-05-2019, 10:30 AM - Forum: Super Robot Wars X-Ω - Replies (7)

Before beginning:

- This a fan translation without any profit involved, this is just a fan that loves SRW work on her freetime, i'm no JP youtuber and not dataminer, i gain nothing on these like on others one that i did this is just to help people who love this game and can't read JP, and that's it.

- there will be probably wrong names of places, characters and meachines, if you happen to be fan of any of the works involved on SRW Omega and want to help fell free, just don't be a jerk about it

- If you want to add me on the game my friend code will be on the end of the part 1 of the translation.

- if you're new i already translated all the "Fail story arc" arc of the storyline, its complete all the story is on the main thread is complete, and is there, i didn't played anything past that.



The next story unfold on a very far place on the timeline of this universe, you probably will be surprised, this time Nero couldn't come(?????? FGO Collab when i was not here???) , i still remember the fear of the cold hell that the world would become, but there was people attracted to Van he was the key that's my opinion

on ruins of what was once a City a youngster named Michell surveys the place, he talks to his female friend that theres nothing here at all, she them says that this place its remnants of her home, she explain how a mech that she reefers as "the monster that freezes everything" she explain that once he attacked this place, shaping all the place into a land where humans can't live anymore, them they chat a pair on a car is a man with in black clothes and woman dressing red

Van --  hey don't stop i paid for this car

Van and his party enter in a dialog trying to explain why Van and Ray are working together and they mock each other saying that after this they are no longer companions, Fasalina don't get it at all and still continues to ask why the y joined forces when.... a.. pig thing appear (don't put the blame on me it was described that way)

Priscilla -- a Pig?... a alien?... its something like that...

After the pig appears fasalina retreats fast.

Ray -- hey you woman! Freeze!

he tries to get to shoot her but he have to time to aim and misses the shoot, the car is moving and she is on another machine, Fasalina them smiles

Fasalina -- lets release this soul...after all this time, Overdevil!

the pig approaches the car fast and things are not looking good Ray tell the kids to back off and get to a safe location, while him,Van and Priscilla you take on the pig

on battle Priscilla notes that the overman machine movements are too slow compared to what they ride (srly?)
[Image: KLr7nR9.png]

~~~After Battle ~~~

the battle its basically one sided, Ray shoots but can't get the shoots to hurt the thing, Priscilla makes excuses about losing saying that she is not using her full strength, Van adds that if he its not stooped here it will be annoying for them, Fasalina them appears again, she says that she is inviting Van to come with her... to their mother... a huge light clash on everyone on the battle and since Van was the only one left standing he is hit by it direct hit.

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  Persona Musou
Posted by: Top Nep - 04-25-2019, 10:28 PM - Forum: Game Channel - Replies (5)

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  Xbox One SAD Edition
Posted by: Andy Chan - 04-17-2019, 08:08 AM - Forum: Game Channel - Replies (5)

[Image: D4TcN3xX4AAe0Zx.png]
[Image: D4TcYHjWAAMqsqb.jpg]
Microsoft unveiled their newest Xbox One iteration called Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. $249 and no disc drive since it's "all digital".
But someone should fire their marketing department since they failed to see that Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is shortened as Xbox One SAD Edition. ^^;

But I don't see why people want a no disc drive version. IMHO, this thing is pretty much DOA.

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  Netflix's Cowboy Bebop
Posted by: Andy Chan - 04-05-2019, 11:10 AM - Forum: The Nickelodeon - Replies (2)

The cast for Netflix's Cowboy Bebop has been announced.

[Image: john-cho-cowboy-bebop-1.jpg]

John Cho as Spike Spiegel
Daniella Pineda as Faye Valentine
Mustafa Shakir as Jet Black
Alex Hassell as Vicious

Not sure about the cast, but hey, as long as they use TANK as the opening song, I'm game. XD

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  Sword Art Online Alicization
Posted by: Top Nep - 03-31-2019, 02:16 AM - Forum: Game Channel - Replies (6)

Pretty much everone who plays the SAO games saw it coming. Just lulzy since we were talking about the show just recently at the guild.

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  Mobile Suit Variations
Posted by: Zaku Type Z - 03-30-2019, 12:21 AM - Forum: Tokyo Jupiter - Replies (1)

Okay I know the Mobile Suit Variations are a thing, but how were they originally presented? Was it a book, or magazine, did they first come in the form of Gunpla, or what?

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