Full Version: HIRO's Super Robot Knights
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So one of the artists I follow on Twitter, HIRO, was inspired by SD Gundam Gaiden's concept of taking the designs of existing Gundams and giving them a medieval flair and extended to it with various Super Robot series. I thought this would be great to share here, since it's a Super Robot Wars Forum site.
Twitter Moment containing most of the designs

A few of the designs not in the Moment yet:
[Image: DtfbIfaVsAUzmwU.jpg] Fighter Kouji and Steel Fighter Mazinger Z
[Image: DtfbQG3UUAEfMVw.jpg] Fencer Tetsuya and Thunder Warrior Great Mazinger

Additional: Link to artist's Pixiv account
Those are pretty cool.
I agree. They look like they would be at home in classic SRW box art, too.
I appreciate the amount of detail the artist puts into them.

[Image: DvdZJTjUcAADKSW.jpg:large]
New design: Shooting Star Knight Layzner