Full Version: SRW P - the next SRW Game.
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Some good old fashioned sleuthing has uncovered some information no leak could say.  It’s not much, but we have a name.

First, go to this link:

Then note the first link, “”, a real site.  But, notably, it redirects to the main SRW site.  It only became active very recently, too, and is one of a very small number of redirects to the main site, the rest of which are older. 

This is the one guys.
Interesting find. Can't wait for the stream. Can't think of what name they'll use for the P though.
Today's the stream. We just have to wait.
I hope it succeeds and we get a series with the next entry being SRW PP
Maybe add this?
[Image: 031682300_1486548131-P-man_HL.JPG]
as the WTF series? XD
Or the P could just be for the the old URL for the Portal site no longer used which is wht it redirects to the main page. An inactive site usually gives the pahe does not exist error.
Ah, SRW Paptimus. After V and playable Jerrid and Yazan it was only a matter of time.

Or SRW Platypus. The first SRW in ages to star the original Gundam (or Origins), with the sole survivor of Sydney as a protagonist.
Maybe it Will be the first classic mobile game?
(11-19-2018, 09:55 AM)Kicksville Wrote: [ -> ]I hope it succeeds and we get a series with the next entry being SRW PP

Super Robot Wars Pee-Pee? Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin