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Hahahaha, the most recent trio of games, the  Mysterious series for the Atelier franchise was such shit (Except for Plaftcha), that they literally said  screw it we're going to rehash Rorona for a 4th time.

I would have preffered a proper sequel to Escha and Logy though since the 2 were just so goddamn adorable together.

>Rorona's daughter
>>Which means someone stuck it in

I can't wait to hear the virgin otaku cry about their waifu. Though $100 bucks says it turns out to be some BS where it's not really her daughter and just a Homunculus or something.
My odds:
60% alchemy-created/homunculus daughter
30% legit daughter
10% adopted
If SEGA dared to make Haruka having a child in Yakuza 6, I don't think Gust/Tecmo Koei dare not to do it.
Considering they already didn't want a 30 year old Rorona unless the kid is like 8 they probably won't have a 40-50 year old Rorona so I guess adopted/result of mad science.
Don't mind being wrong though.

called it, fake daughter.


The producer flat out said that "We won't betray their expectations or Memories with Rorona now that she's a mother". What a load of bull shit.

[Image: nJOjHZI.jpg]
... yep, adopted or mad science. Going by her name I say adopted.
She also has no visible traits of Rorona, Sterk or any of the other males.
Actually, she looked more like Totori instead of Rorona. :/
Given that Rorona and Escha have been turned into younger lolis in later games, this isn't that surprising...

Going by appearance Rorona got pregnant/was legally allowed to adopt someone by age 12 or what ever she was reduced to in Merururu.
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