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I recently got a little bit nostalgic about a few of the older entries in the SRW series and how their stories affected me. This got me curious on what you guys think are some of the best stories throughout the series! Along with that, I'm also very curious about what you consider to be the weaker stories in the different games that actually tried to provide a decent story.

I will start with my personal favorite, which is Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 2 for the GBA. While the first game got interesting at points, it was followed by an enourmously huge step with its successor. There basically is no downtime with interesting stuff going on in OG2 and it also intertwine the different plot points extremely beautiful with each other. All the different attacks and robots the crew gets and music pieces that goes along these events all mash up in what is - according to me - the perfect way to build an SRW story.

They did come quite a long way in a later game, namely Super Robot Taisen Original Generations 2 for the PS3, but that one had quite a lot of downtime during some of the route splits. It did however have a really cool ending which made it pay off being a long time SRW fan in my opinion. 

I don't think I have played any SRW game that has had an awful story yet (don't really count SRW2 for the famicom) but the one that let me down the most was definitely Moon Dwellers which just didn't bring much that was interesting into the OG saga. The team can do so much better story wise! I would argue I were much more invested into the story during OG Gaiden.
To be honest, I haven't been too crazy about SRW since the PS3 releases started rolling in (both gameplay and story).

My favorite ones for story were probably the Alpha games, W, OG1 and 2, 64, R, D, J, C3, and XO (Gamecube remake, not Cross Omega). Absolute favorite out of all those would be Alpha 2 for sure with OG2 as a close second.
I actually enjoyed Moon Dwellers quite a bit, although some parts were less exciting than OG 2nd. But OG 2nd also had the Masoukishin plot which is probably the most boring aspect of OG now to me...

I beat Alpha 1, but haven't touched or bought Alpha Gaiden yet. I own Alpha 2 and Alpha 3 but haven't played much of either... Same with Impact.

I had a lot of fun with SRW D too.

V had some interesting concepts and the crossover stuff was fun, but the original characters and plot were very bland.

SRW X was also pretty mediocre in both the overall plot and crossover too. The new debuts in X were done well, everything else not so much...

I enjoyed the Z series a lot overall, although Z2 had a number of problems, although Z3 addressed a few of those problems. SRW Z is probably my favorite SRW game. W was a lot of fun too.

I could never get into the pre-Alpha games because I'm too used to the support systems and those classic games are pretty hard overall too.
Best story is UX. If there is a debate, it’s because you think Z or W was better. MX’s story is decent too.

Most of the rest... have problems. Older games tend to either have nothing to do with the series, have way too goddamn much filler (F, also a problem with Alpha 3), or have a critical lack of polish (for the better ones like 64, Alpha 1, and Impact.). The old GBA games tend to be in that category too. GC is a bit standout for focusing on things most SRWs avoid, but falls apart with how it handles a lot of the “deep space” series. The Compacts all had fucking awful stories as a consequence of how they worked, and I think it actually got worse over the years. K has obvious issues and L has the same problem as the later Alphas where you’ll fight a big horrible boss or four and then fucking sit there and fight nothing nearly as deadly for half the game afterwards. Z2-1 was good but was mostly setup for Z2-2, which had no payoff at fucking all, and the Z3s had similar issues. BX adapts series in big clumps and rarely moves them outside those clumps, and V and X give focus to too few series.

And don’t get me started on OG games. They adapt four fucking series and can’t even do that without consistently fucking at least one of them up completely to the point of insult.
I'd love to buy a new SRW with modern system, but using classic cast.
Don't really feel much about the new SRWX.
I don't suppose you could elaborate a little more about your comments about Z2 and the OG games Mattman324?
(09-26-2018, 09:33 AM)DragoEnovy09 Wrote: [ -> ]I don't suppose you could elaborate a little more about your comments about Z2 and the OG games Mattman324?

Z2-1 is a well built plot with the sole exception of the entire middle section of the game where everything grinds to a screeching halt to allow the Z1 cast to show up. It’s main failings are gameplay and story integration issues caused by only adapting the first halves of the series - some power ups come way too late, some things that desperately need power ups straight up do not get them, and the Z1 arrivals all are essentially lacking a major finisher or two. The thing is, all of those issues can basically be stated as setup for Z2-2.

And then Z2-2 makes a notable section of its own plot setup for Z3, has a group of OG villains who turn out to not only be totally pointless but who are also less intimidating than the boss of the last two games in every way, has a completely fucking painful time balancing most of its own cast to the point where some series blatantly overwhelm the rest (the usual complaint is Geass), and makes a secret final route that is actually worse in terms of gameplay and story than the fucking normal route which twists the knife deeper by resurrecting a totally pointless character who died in the last game instead of the three fucking dead pilots. Thanks, Banjo. Truly you have helped us out. That’s not getting over a few lazy justifications for laziness (remember that time in Z2-2 when a bunch of grunts from Z1 showed up with a really shit justification?) either.

As for OG, let’s look at them objectively.

1: Essentially adapted two plots. It handles 2 fine, but somehow in its rush to handle Alpha 1 it only did a fucking third of that game’s plot. It has, what, forty stages? For a plot and a third? P A D D I N G. Boy, I bet every one of those Ryusei route water stages was needed, including the ones that literally do not advance any plotline at all. Oh, and Kyosuke route despite him having dick all to do with the plot.

2: Impact, half of Alpha 1, two routes of Alpha 2 and setup for a third, Alpha Gaiden, A, and 3. 3 got passable representation, Alpha 1’s bits as well, I can’t really complain about Sanger’s route too much except for the fact that by this point Sanger as a character is completely gutted and that will never change, and if anything Impact got too much fucking coverage, fucking Kyosuke. Arado’s route got fucking wrecked with that awful School bullshit, A was so badly handled they had to fucking make major changes to it in the remake just to salvage that they made an Axel In Name Only (which still only sort of worked, so they had to fiddle with his personality even more in the sequels), and Alpha Gaiden got pissed on and dumped into a fire bin.

Gaiden: (why do people think this game is good). Gaiden mainly adapted that terrible OVA, the last stage of 3, Compact 3, Great Battle, and R as well as taking a few enemies from Scramble Commander. It’s no wonder the game is short, it adapted fucking nothing at all for plot, and it still feels bloated. Compact 3 was absolutely redeemed and I will grant OGG that, it adapted that fucking OVA fine (oh sure, if Kyosuke’s face is on it we roll with it! And thanks for bringing back the Einst by the way!). And it probably did Great Battle fine? And the single stage of 3 it did was fine, even if it made no sense. But this game will forever receive my black mark for how completely, utterly, and irredeemably it fucked up R. That game wasn’t GREAT, but its OG plot was a big part of why it worked. And OG fucking shot it out back. If you have any idea what the villains in R were like - hell, if you know the basics of its fucking plot - you will know what I mean. This is by far the worst bit of what OG did. But the franchise continues, like a shambling corpse, so:

OGII: Covers the last sixth of Alpha 1, the other two Alpha 2 routes, EX, 4, nine or so stages of one route in Alpha 3, D, and MX as well as Real Robot Regiment (or was it Real Robot Battle Line? I get them mixed up sometimes.). D and MX were fine, although the fact that the Ruina accomplish Literally Nothing early on kind of kills their threat level unlike in D, the little bits of Alpha 1 were fine, the Ibis Route was fine, and Touma’s early stuff... it starts too late in the game and takes so little time up, but whatever I guess? It’s a minor detail. Kusuha’s route couldn’t even goddamn handle a straight adaptation despite how little of it was in the game and Ryujinki can almost entirely be skipped over, so fucking thanks guys, the most arguably relevant route to Alpha 2’s OGs getting glossed over feels fine. (At least we finally see Buohki and Jakuohki.). EX, though, is a massive, festering tumor on the game, sticking out for something like 17 stages of some absurdly straightly played EX plot on two routes. Very few people enjoyed EX’s plot in OGII. And then 4, god, I feel sorry for 4. Part of it, though, is that the Guests don’t do that much in 4 compared to F (where they are a hugely active and hugely threatening force, making it a far more memorable appearance.) but OGII uses 4 as a base. And doesn’t let you keep the generals for some stupid reason. But when the characters in the goddamn game are mocking how pathetic the Guests are, it’s... really sad to watch. Oh, and RRR was fine, even if I get annoyed that it feels like it was only used to graft relevance onto Kyosuke yet a fucking gain when he really doesn’t deserve it (but hey, at least it’s not Eins-oh no wait they modified the Geists so it technically is. Fuck. Also we didn’t get Allies Geist’s final form, but we got a new version in OGMD, so... fair...?)

OGMD: Filler: The Game. Adapts J, GC, Great Battle 2, and the pregame for Selena’s route in Alpha 3. Also brings a few things from side material like Endless Frontier and the FDX manga in. J was given a lot of damn focus, taking up most of the stages along with a bunch of purple dentalia enemies and a new warlike faction of Guests who still can’t pull a passable F Guests appearance (not even the F color schemes on their mechs?!?). GC somehow got expanded plotwise and completely fucking dumped on when they got sidelined for half the game, 90% of GC’s actual plot was forgotten about, and when they finally are ready to do something with them that could have been interesting... they immediately kill off literally any chance of that happening. And by kill off I mean literally shoot a giant space laser at the Rubble Pile and murder everyone. Fucking thanks. The rest of the stuff was fine, but clearly not enough to fill a game with.
...I think I'll skip asking your feelings towards Impact, the Compacts, the Alphas, and the Masou Kishin games (that is if you don't want to talk about them).
Only memorable plot for me was W's. They handled it very well despite the fact how late you get Genesic GGG.

K was trash. It's no wonder I have no desire to try L out. Z3-1 is also fucking horrible in regards to the fact it's the third entry and they only give you one original. Didn't understand why Analotta wasn't given her own unique mech. Lame character anyway. Gadlight turned out to be a little bitch. Color scheme of mech sucks too. Advent pilots his "unique" mech which turns out to be MP units. I don't get Banpresto sometimes. Crowe, Setsuko and Rand of course aren't available until 3.2. Lame. Wing boys got their wings clipped hard to the point I didn't bother using them besides Heero. Someone doesn't like Heero at Banpresto anymore. Just talking about the Z series pisses me off. 1-2-3 would have been totally fine. Cutting the latter two in half was a mistake I hope they'll learn from. Shinn and Kira are just there. Fucking tired of SEED. Good fuck. Burn that shit. Move on, Banpresto. Use something else.

There's only one answer: bring back Raideen and I will forgive a shit plot.

Z2 - 3.1 is padding: the game. Crowe saved Z2.
The best game story, ok.
I'm not going to talk about the OG Games, cause I don't want to.
Here is the Best Story OG Game - Super Robot Wars Gaiden Masou Kishin the Lord of Elemental.
Then again this might be because MD English is kinda bad and the last time I played the GBA games, was years ago.
Now let's go!

Available in English (Best to worst)
Alpha + Alpha Gaiden - hard to rank the story without Alpha, but it's good Apocalypse story with the ongoing mystery. You care about this new world and want it to be better. I haven't played Alpha yet.. so I might be putting it higher than it should be.
X - This has the Main Plot and the other Plot... Main Plot is great which is why it's at the top, other Plot just hurts the Main Plot. (you could take the other Plot out of the game and be fine) So if you ignore the other plot and pretend it doesn't exist. the Main plot is great. Problem is you don't care about the world until the very end.
V - Starts off great and then the plot is just waiting until Yamato plot can continue on
A Portable - Much better than J, having backgrounds really helped to show it off. Early and Mid game are great, just the last bits are sooo.. just... bland.
J - It's a Solid Story until we get back to Earth and nothing happens until we get to Orb up until the ending it is really fun.
Classic 2 and 3 - So much Filler, Just So Much Filler.
SRW 1 - doesn't have one

(Story Summaries, I remember was really good)
UX and W - I would love any one of these games out in English.
Z2 - Z stuff and Z3 foreshadowing, really hurt the games, being in 2 parts hurt the games even more.
D - No reason.. just remember liking it.
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