Full Version: In which gacha can I use the pinpoint tickets?
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I don't get any option to use them on the weekend. for today, is it the combattler v defense unit today?
They're for the Pinpoint gacha, yea today is Combattler V. You need 50 pinpoint tickets in order to use them, they give you 1 of the featured unit guaranteed. You use the tickets through the yellow button on the side, like with the base gacha.
Btw, that unit is in the R+ garage, I wouldn't recommend rolling for it. Usually pinpoint isn't worth it unless you really want the unit. 50 pinpoint tickets cost 150 OMG, which is what a NewComer taiki costs.
yeah, I didnt really want combattler v but I thought you needed less pinpoint tickets to use them so thats why I was wondering why it didn't let me use them. I have 33. Thanks.