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So yeah, for those who don't know, Gundam 00 has been confirmed to be getting a new animation project.

[Image: qqPSfVA.jpg]

[Image: j1xedh7.jpg]

Quote:Laetitia Erde:
An innovade created using the memories of from Tieria, sent to support Celestial Being that remained within the earth sphere by Tieria whilst Tieria remains in space to communicate with the ELS. The body and DNA is the same as that of Tieria, but has a different personality.

Graham Aker:
Thought to be dead after ramming a Large Type ELS with his Brave suit. Reunited with Setsuna within the high particle density space after Setsuna activated the Qantm System to converse with the ELS. Under the guidance of Setsuna Graham chose to merge with the ELS and return to earth.

Quote:Exia Repair IV:
Previously piloted by setsuna F. Seiei, undergone it's 4th version upgrade. Now inherited by Graham who joined Celestial Being. Graham has called it the "Graham Gundam" of his own accord.

Gundam Dynames Repair III:
A modification of the Dynames Gundam that was the beloved machine of Neil Dylandy. Piloted by Laetitia Erde, an innovade who contains the copied memories of Tiera Erde.As it's name suggests it is on it's third modication.


[Image: BJtlJHH.jpg]

[Image: gundam%2Bexia-repair%2BIV.jpg]

[Image: gundam%2Bdynames%2Brepair%2BIII.jpg]
more OO Gundam is always good, Unicorn was a lot of time ago
I'm eager and glad for it, it sounds interesting and would be refreshing because Iron Blooded Orphans was meh, and did bad ratings wise, and G-Reco was flat out trash, and Unicorn has been done to death. Plus Graham being back is great because his death in 00 movie was the stupidest thing ever. But as to the leaked teaser, are they going to resurrect fucking Niel? because it's ELS Setsuna communicating with Niel's consciousness who seems to be lost and delusional, to where Setsuna needed to tell him who he was, and who Niel himself was....

But as always people will complain. I've already seen many bitching about it being the next Destiny, when we don't know anything about it yet.

Also before anyone says it, no this is not the Stage Play. The Stage Play is something entirely different, and was announced hours before any of this was leaked out.

The 2 Not so New suits are also most likely running off condensors, since they don't have the proper cones in the back, but also because they're basically down to 1 working GN Drives since the rest were destroyed and the last 2 were in the 00-Quan[T] which is out in space.
Why's Laetitia Erde not female... XD
Because he's literally just a clone with a different personality.
(04-16-2018, 08:15 AM)Top Nep Wrote: [ -> ]But as always people will complain. I've already seen many bitching about it being the next Destiny, when we don't know anything about it yet.
Agreed, Destiny had flaws that had nothing to do with being a sequel but by being a complete utter trainwreck with a drunken monkey as a script writer.
This new show is a little weird continuity wise but Gundam had weirder and it still could be very good.

Either way more Gundam is good.
Wasn't this a live performance (Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 Festival 10 "Re:vision") that was held on the 14th with a DVD release on August?
It doesn't look like this is confirmed to be anime. Not denied, but they didn't say outright just what this thing is.
The title confused me, i saw news about a sequel, got excited and was about to make a topic when i started to get mixed report about live performance and something about a story material that was included in a BD box release or something.

Is this confirmed to be any Anime? if not then its not worth it, there is a bazillion Manga sequels as it is that don't interest me to read, unless this news sparks a chain of reactions that lead to an Anime project.
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