Full Version: Next Event: The 1246 seconds miracle (Eureka 7,Evangelion 3.0)
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[Image: ZkevhzS.jpg]

"If the one dreaming beneath the earth wake up the sky will split, to avoid an unprecedented crisis, Colarians and Humans must coexist, Gecko state and its collaborators faced this crisis before.

however a new thread emerges to impose further challenges to them, boys and girls are humanity final hope again."

Reward Units:
Eva 08β (Mari)


Other units to expect:
3.0 Asuka
3.0 Rei
Adult Renton
Adult Eureka
Gacha Nirvash spec 3
Omega Shinji
Omega Renton
Omega Eureka

Event Starts at:
2018年4月16日(月) 16:00

If you try to pull something that you really want but endup getting nothing on the end, don't get mad it happens, and remember you can always get Meme Eva
[Image: qNQNk0f.gif]
New units:

Ayanami Rei on Omega EVA 00

[Image: i3BxNLb.png]
[Image: cZQlDsu.png]
[Image: Hal6oIx.png]

Asuka Langley on Omega EVA 02

[Image: E4VXpzv.png]
[Image: xl5KEDv.png]
[Image: ykKVXAG.png]

Shinji Ikari on Omega Eva 01 Awakened

[Image: Zt9Axq4.png]
[Image: QctSMgt.png]
[Image: O0yMoRR.png]

Normal units:


[Image: rC11kWW.png]


[Image: qMovgaQ.png]

Since Mari is the reward unit... lets see if i will still get Asukas from single pulls at 1% chance
I'm assuming Devilfish is the guarantee, then? That's nice.
Good, only wanted Mari anyway ... Still interested in Arena skills for the Evangelion team, that could be really interesting, depending on how they handle the AT Field for these units.
I want to roll Shinji.
All of the Gacha are Omega units?!?
i want to get Rei or Shinji, however seeing how its my luck with eva units or i will get none of them, or i will get 3 or 4 Asukas, i can instant lvl 80 Asuka and Rei
I wonder if the three of them Omega Evas will be compu gacha team like Unicorn NC set or not.
I don't think I can pull this time around. Burnt through getting Cutie Honey and Sayaka last time.
Anyone rolling? I don't roll UC New Comer but I think Shinji can receive NC Banshee, Unicorn and Eureka superbuff. They put guaranteed Omega ticket after each full step up isn't it?
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