Full Version: Gundam Build Divers
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rip gundam
[Image: hMnCkMG.png]
Is that blue thing a Huckebein motif Gundam? does it have a Blackhole Cannon too LOL
Might I request our esteemed Admin to change the title of this thread into
"Let's Watch Gundam Build Divers" ?

'Cos I'm posting these:

I know by watching this, I am doomed to buy New Gundam Breaker. XD
Paw pads. That is all.
Episode 4!

It was literally just Emiya.
^your reply made me think that I'm in the FGO thread. ^^;
Well, Tiger Wolf literally IS Emiya. XD

Build Fighters will go as far as possible for the sake of a gag and reference. DOn't forget, S1 spent an entire episode for the sake of one big ass Iron Leaguer joke.
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